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Natural Balance Cat Food

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Question: Has anyone tried Natural Balance Cat Food by Dick Van Patton?? I bought some and the ingredients sound great, cat seems to like it, and it's actually good for her.
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Natural Balance is the bomb!

My cats love Natural Balance and it is so good for them. I like the fact that one 6.6 pound bag lasts my three cats a whole month. I payed $14.99 for the bag, pricey, but my cats love it! I recently bought a new cat food called Foundations. It is a Canadian cat food, but you can buy it from their website I think.

Great food choice!
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I've used the canned NB on ocassion but have'nt tried the dry yet. I've heard good things about it though.
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Love it, love it, love it. Oh, Snowball likes it too.
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We've been feeding Natural Balance to our cats for over a year and they've been doing great on it! They love the taste, the ingredients are good, the price is good ($25 for 16.5 pounds at Petco plus the buy 10 bags get 1 free deal) and I can get it at Petco easily. I free-feed the dry and give wet food (either Natural Balance or Nutro)in the morning and evening. No complaints here.
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My cats like it too. Funny, I JUST picked up a can randomly not knowing much about it. But they enjoyed it and it's cheaper than some of the higher end foods actually. I like the fact it has veggies in it.
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