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New website under construction

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If you would be so kind, would you visit our new website that was just started and give me your opinions? I am not the one putting it together, someone who is very talented in this area is designing it.

M & M Kustom Krafts
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Wow, it's really good! Whoever made this for you knows their stuff!

And your products are awesome! I think i remember a previous thread with a photo of your scrimshaw.
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Mike and MaryAnn; I am not a knife person or an outdoorsman/woman and I certainly wouldn't know how to begin to skin a walrus, but I certainly appreciate the art and skill,(not to mention the hours of craftsmanship), involved in your Custom business. The web site is most promising. I would suggest that you make the category lettering on the left side a little bolder (same knife-carved style) only bolder, would be easier to read.

Who is the artist of the scrishaw? You or Mike or someone else? Do you use bone or tusk or both? It is very fine work, indeed!
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I am the scrimmer. My original portfolio showing all my work in laser print was stolen at the last show, so the only thing I have to show is my earlier work. Though why someone would want to walk off with my notebook is beyond me. I scrim on micarta (man-made ivory) I have mastadon ivory, walrus ivory, oosik, bone, antler, tile, you name it.
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Your products are gorgeous Mary Ann!

I agree with 3LK though, I thought the same thing when I first went to the site. I like the font, but would be easier to see and stand out more if it were bolder, or maybe bigger?

It's a nicely done site, and I love the Red toned knife!
(have no use for a knife though )
Look forward to seeing it when its completed!

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Hissy; Your scrimshaw IS beautiful. It is a combination of cutting and staining and polishing, right? I especially like the Horse subject. I know your heart goes into those.

Who knows what propells the mind of a thief???? When my "Wonder Bed" was delivered they left a a notebook containing the owners' instruction manual on the porch while they moved the bed upstairs and someone stole that notebook off the front porch in "Broad Daylight"! I guess they thought maybe it contained a check or some money or a credit card number or something of value. All it contained was instructions for dismanteling the motor!! (NA, NA, NA NA, NA, NA) :laughing2
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Hissy those knives were wonderful!!! Wish I could have one of them...
I don't really know what scrimshaw is, can you explain that?
It was beautiful though I really like the site.
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Scrimshaw evolved from the whaling days when the ships were out for such a long period of time and the sailors got bored. Someone took a whale's tooth and scratched a design on it, then put ink over the design, wiped it off, and there was the first scrimmed piece. You basically take your material and with a small tool called a scrimmer (looks like a pencil except the tip is a needle, or these days, a carbide point) You draw your design on the material. Then you take ink and apply the ink over the design, take a cloth and wipe it off and the ink goes down and stays in the grooves of the scratches.

I got into it, when a client asked Mike if he knew anyone who could scrim the handle of his knife. The knife was bone, and the man wanted a grizzly bear. Mike told him I could do it! :P It took a few attempts on other material, but I have always liked to draw and so I did a small head of a grizzly and got paid for it. So I was on my way.
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