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Mystic River thoughts

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I didn't know if I could post this, if not, delete it

I just wanted everyone's opinons on the book thus far for those that received it and read it. I'm still reading it, thus far, it's not too bad, I think if I were the writer, I would have flowed it better instead of jumping from character to character, but it's not bad. What do ya think? I heard in the Wired Magazine, that the movie is good and Sean Penn is excellent at portraying his character, which I think is Jimmy's. I usually like Clint Eastwood's movies, can't wait for it to come out on DVD
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OH good!! something (a little nibble) to talk about. I love this book so far. I am *almost* to the halfway point. I am a little confused at so many characters he throws at you, but that is just me. It is weird because since the previews for the movie came out, I can picture Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon in my head! I am not sure who Dave is played by, only caught a glimpse from tv, but he looks familiar.
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I've finished it, but won't say anything because I don't want to spoil the rest of the book for anyone. I will say I really liked it, and can't wait to start discussing it.

In the movie, Tim Robbins will be Dave, Kevin Bacon is Sean, and Sean Penn is Jimmy. Supporting cast includes Marcia Gay Harden and Lawrence Fishburne.
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I have barely started

I must try and read more!
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I have started reading "Mystic River" but I had to stop and take a break from it... But will be finished with it at the end of this month.
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hey, i just found the book in the store!!! wait for me!!!
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Kateang, I'm glad you were able to find it. I was just reading a news article that Singapore is going to allow The Rocky Horror Picture Show to play there for the first time - the article talked some about media censorship in Singapore. So I was hoping you'd be able to find the books we select.
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WHAT!!!!!!! You are finally able to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show?????????????????????????? Kate! you HAVE to watch it!
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i agree...The Rocky Horror Show is THE best known cult classic film. Its a fact! It is extremely campy and ridiculous, but that is what is so great about it.
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Let's do the time warp again!!
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I finally finished Mystic River today - and just in time for the due date which was today. Whew!

Not bad, the ending was like "oh what!!!" for me!
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I finished reading it a couple of days ago... The ending was kinda shocking to me.
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I had to return it they did not let me renew because it was on hold for somebody else and I was half way through! I will have to try another library
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I didn't finish it I just could'nt get into this book which is uncommon for me.
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