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Please Join US!  

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Prayer Circle
Hi Everyone...
There will be a prayer circle (vigil) held on Thursday, Fri. Sat & Sunday for Max Baltrons. Our focus in prayer is to see that James Lacey will be convicted of his heinous, ruthless crime and to provide the funds needed to do so. I'd like to take a few minutes also to pray for Denice's health. As she has gone through some major health crisis lately and we need to help our sister get well. Asking the Lord for his help will be an honorable thing to do and HE WILL BE PLEASED!

Please give back which was so freely given to you! Love by so many! Join us each day at 12:00 - 12:30 and/or again at 7:00 - 8:00 beginning on Thursday, July 19th through Sunday, July 23,2001 to lift up our voices in prayer for Denice and Max and also we can extend this prayer to the many victims of animal abuse. Not to mention, their guardians that miss them so much...they need our prayers too.


Thank you!!! : With Much Appreciation,


PS...If you would like to donate to the cause please don't hesitate to do so!!!
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Hello Cat,
My thoughts and prayers will be with Denice and the justice for Max....
Like I said before, I believe there will be justice for what this man did to Max
God's timimg may not be ours but it will come to pass....
God Bless
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Forgive my ignorance but who are Denice and Max?
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I will be praying. I just hope justice is served.
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Dearest Billie, :angel2:

Denice Baltrons' baby was Max...he was murdered in the most heinous way someone can inflict on one of God's creatures...Please read the SOS Forums. Also here's Max's site...go there please and sign his petition.


I hope you join us in prayer Billie:angel2:...please, if you have an extra buck...send it to Denice at the address noted on the SOS Forumn

Thank you so much...Love & Peace,
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My prayers too will be with Denice and justice for Max.
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Catarina; I have marked this time slot on my prayer calendar. You are so right about the power of prayer.

I wish I could donate to this cause but all of July's funds are gone. Perhaps August's demands will be more lenient. . . . . . . .
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Dearest Darlene!
I knew your prayers would be with us! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

As far as the donations go...this only pertains to those who are not under financial distress. Sometimes even a buck is like pulling teeth. I never meant to make anyone feel like they had to do something so difficult! Money is hard enough to come by and I certainly don't want to add to any pressure. I truly understand where you're coming from! I've been there myself.

With Much Love & Appreciation,
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Catarina!! What beautiful angel pictures you have attaached!! My favorite is the first one! I absolutely love fantasy pictures of angels/fairies!! You should look up www.donnagreen.com and look under her pictures that she illustrated for the book, The Velveteen Rabbit! There is a wonderful fairy picture with the toy rabbit!

Also, I am not familiar with this Max situation.. I am going to go read the other threads and try to piece this one together...

Talk to ya later!

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My prayers wil be with Denice and for Max`s cause...that justice will be served.
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Dearest Vlinder & Tiggytoes:angel2::angel2:

Thank you so much for your support! You can't imagine how important that means to me.

Vlinder, if you would like to get better acquainted with Max...here is a website that was established for him...

I just adore angels! I love that one too! Thanks so much for your link! I promise to visit there!

Love &,
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Catarina.....I too will join you all in prayer....and I also want to tell you how much I enjoy your beautiful beautiful attachments of Angels!!! I save as many of them as I can!!!!! I love you, big sis!
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Thank you Deb.....I love you too :angel2:

Here's an angel I thought you might like
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Catarina!!! WOW!! I want HIM to be my gaurdian angel! :laughing2:
That would make a nice tattoo for someone who likes tattoos. I like them, but don't have any myself.
Thanks for the picture!!!!!!
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