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A week after operation (testicle removed) and still lethargic?

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Hi All.

So, finally I had my new adopted stray cat, Malachi, neutered. Well, he only had one testicle (apparently the other testicle was removed earlier as the vet saw a scar and couldn't find it!) which they removed by some kind of operation, like a spay.

I had this done last Monday, the 6th, and since then he has been really sleepy and not himself at all. He is licking at the wound a lot and it looks a little red, but not too bad. He is also eating a lot. However, I am worried about him. He can jump up onto the bed, but does seem to be in pain.

I did put this herbal antiobiotc cream on him last night (safe to use) and he didn't like the taste, which may stop the licking. I don't want to put one of those plastic things around his neck.

I may take him to the vet tomorrow, but just wanted to find out generally if anyone else has experienced a slow recovery with this kind of surgery. I imagine a human would take awhile to get better! But now it has been a little over a week and he is definitely not his normal self.

I am loathe to take him back to the vet becuase he gets so traumatized...it takes him days to recover from that!

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It seems a little odd to me because most male cats recover from neutering very quickly, within a day or two. At least he's eating that's a good thing! Have you tried calling the vet first? Maybe they can talk to you about it over the phone first to see if a vet trip is necessary.
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It was not a straight neuter though as they had to operate and gon into his stomach and rummage around and find the testicle...so, it was more of a substantial opertaion. The vet's office called and said it looked like he should come in, but it was not a vet I spoke to. I may speak with the vet tomorrow and then make the decision. I just wish I knew what was normal...as I don't to stress him out. The other thing is that my parents stayed in my apartment for the weekend, so I am thinking he was weird after that...and couldn't recover normally.

Thanks for getting back to me.
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This does sound kind of strange as cats usually recover from operations fairly fast. I would take him to the vet ASAP. He could have an infection from the operation. That would make him lethargic. Just my 2 cents.
I hope he is feeling better soon!
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Oh ok I didnt know they had to go into his stomach and all that. Poor baby!! Yes I think to speak directly to the vet would be best.
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I will call vet tomorrow, and then take him in on Friday, unless he seems really bad tonight. This cat is so sensitive. I wish he would be "normal" and just get better.

The other thing is, I brought him new laser light to play with, and he did play with it a little? I am not sure how lethargis he should be to be taken back to the vet, but yes, as always should take him to the vet.

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If he had the surgery recently, I wouldnt let him run around too much, he needs to recover. I hope he isnt in any pain.
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When a female cat get spayed , it is more a biger operation then with a male cat . It should not have taken so long to recover for him at all . Animals are usualy better with recovering after a surcery then humans . I would take your cat in to the vet asap . That don't sound normal to me and I have had many girls and boys fixed .
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