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Wednesday DT

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Hello all. How is your Wednesday going? I have so many files on my desk I don't know where to start, so I am here instead! I am tired again today. I had another night mare last night....3rd night in a row. In last night's dream I was stabbed by a biker. I don't even eat after dinner, so it isn't food causing the dreams. Hope I don't have another one tonight.

Tried to post pics of Excalibur last night for Shell (she thinks he looks like her Rainbow Bridge cat Mimi). Hubby has moved all of the old photos off the computer as he did a reformat. They are somewhere on disk, and hopefully I will get them tonight. I did post a pic of Merlin adn Peeps in the close up thread. Hopefully I will have pics of everyone up tonight as I haven't posted pics lately!

Anyone watching the West Wing this season. They have new writing staff and it seems fresher somehow. It was getting alittle stale. Wednesday nights are my busy TV nights. I watch Enterprise and West Wing and tape 1-800-Missing and the Bachelor.

I am trying to figure out what to buy my Mother in law for her birthday. She has been so sick lately and lost so much weight that she is actually wearing children's clothes now, soI don't want to get her clothes. She doesn't have any hobbies other then her cats and I normally get her some cat related item, but they live in a small apartment and have no more room for nickknacks. Any suggestions?
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How about some kind of necklace to wear? Something delicate?

I couldnt sleep last night, I watched Autopsy on HBO last night and it was NOTHING like it normally is - they did a real autopsy. I couldnt sleep well after that. Especially after seeing his stomach contents - I dont want to describe them, it reminded me of one food.

Finally had vegemite on toast for breakfast. I think I have died and gone to heaven!
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She doesn't wear any jewelery other then her wedding rings, unfortunately. She has all kinds of cat books.

Don't have a vegamite overdose!
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What is it this week? I had a horrible day yesterday. My supervisor is on a rampage again, and wrote a nice long memo to be about how completely inept I have been at keeping the database. Now, there are some things that have been this way for over 2 years (since I started), like no addresses for city and county inspectors and such because we never have and never will need to mail them. But NOW it is a big deal and I have to get it right, according to her new standards. She's been on my case for the past 3 weeks (and even apologized for being a b!tch - her words - to me last week). But yesterday was just horrible. Honestly, it was one of the first days in the almost 2 years I've worked here that I was just miserable and wanted to leave and not come back.

Then, when Earl called I snapped at him. Let me rephrase....when Earl called the 4th time yesterday to tell me something unimportant when I'm getting my butt put through the wringer and have told him this on each of the three prior calls, I snapped at him. So he was mad all night. Then his Cubs lost, so he threw his dinner in the sink and ripped the phone out of the wall. And somehow it was my fault because he wanted to be a "Bright spot" in my day and I didn't react correctly.

I'm really hoping today goes better. Thanks for listening to my vent.

Ady, how about something she can do with her cats? Maybe some interactive toys, a nice CD she could relax to with them?
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That is a good idea Heidi. I hope that your week gets better. If I were you I probably would have stayed curled up in bed all day with a cat or two!
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I am hungry! Diets suck. Water is just not filling me today!
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I'm about to go to school and when I get home I'm cleaning my room.
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I used to hate cleaning my room when I was a teenager!
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LOL! It sucks!
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Whoa, Heidi, whatta day yesterday, here's hoping your day gets better today!

I am supervising kitties today, it's the first all-day-most-of-the-house introductions for Pixie. Six hours straight already for this nonstop play machine. Mozart's already play-wrestled with her, and Ginza has whopped her gently on the head to stop playing with his tail Everyone is so tired now they're just looking at her as she attacks the playtoys by herself.

Cleaning the house and paying some bills are on the agenda today. Yippee
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Ady, what about a basket of gourmet candies for your mother-in-law, like from Harry & David (Is that store national? We have them here...) If she has lost so much weight, maybe those would tempt her. Of course that's not a good idea if she doesn't want to eat anything at all.

I had a fairly boring day at work today, and thought I'd quick check e-mails then I am going for a walk with the dogs. Then I need to grocery shop and get started on the laundry, which seems like it never ends. I had a good moment at work today when I realized it was Wednesday and not Tuesday - I somehow lost a day.

I agree - diets suck and cleaning sucks! However, I'm pretty happy with my diet today - I am wearing a brand-new size 8 skirt thanks to Dr. Atkins!
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SSDD at work. We had a special training session. The company is trying to make leasing experts out of us. In the near future, some of us will become "lease specialists" and handle all leasing calls. The computer program for leases is horrible and they'd have to come up with some BIG bucks to get me to go for it. On the other hand, some of us may be moved to collections - THAT I can do.

Bill has a steak for the grill and all of the critters are fairly calm, so the evening will go well.
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or brownies they make good brownies (drooooling) and they are kosher

Got my Oprah magazine and Martha Stewart, just like reading the stuff Smelled the new fragrance Blue by Ralph Lauren, very nice and the new one by Celine Dion (not an original title) after her name but it smells good, softer smell though, more like someone has to get really close to you like your furbaby or honey or kids to smell it on you.

And hopefully getting Matrix Reloaded from NetFlix tomorrow, pushed back one day due to the holiday argh

I was going to post something but forgot what it was
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wed was horrible.... work sucks with a whole lot of confrontation from one colleague... well, i gave myself a little treat after work. went for my manicure and pedicure. got berry red for my finger nails and black for my toe nails.. hey it's halloween soon... did some nail art too... well, it looked really good... i'm tired and will probably go sleep early...
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Cindy - the critters are quiet??? what did you give them???
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
or brownies they make good brownies (drooooling) and they are kosher
Mmmmmm Fairy Tale Brownies..... *drowning in drool*
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Yah.....droooooling, maybe I'll order some even though I'm all down with Betty Crockers LOL!

Hey Kate, send some pics of your funky nail work And forget about the 'confrontation', I swear some people can't seem to keep their mouths shut
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Heidi - I forgot to mention this, I am sorry that you had a crappy day yesterday with your hubby putting it on you.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Cindy - the critters are quiet??? what did you give them???
I think that they're coming down, from Friday's full moon. Pearl has almost finished shredding her squeaky toy but that's normal, for her. She loves to make them squeak but, she shreds them and takes out the squeaker.

Rowdy zonked out, on the table. Bill moved her, just before dinner and I had to move her, to set the table.
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Did they show West Wing where you are at last night? They showed a re-run of Law & Order - CI. I was so disappointed!
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I was disappointed too, no West Wing!
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