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Freaky eyes!

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I have a kitten whose eyes sometimes glow red when the light hits them a certain way, usually in one of the more poorly lit rooms in my house. I have a picture of him where his eyes are glowing very red. He looks demonic. Cute, but demonic. I have never had any other cats with the red eye issue. He is my first blue-eyed cat though. Is there something about blue eyes that make them glow red sometimes when the light hits them? This happens in "real life," not just photographs. His eyes look perfectly healthy otherwise, although he does sometimes move them back and forth a bit. I just watched The Conjuring, so maybe I am a litte on edge tonight, but it was freaky to look over at my dresser mirror a few minutes ago and see my kitten's reflection in the mirror with glowing red eyes. He likes to sit on the dresser and stare at himself in the mirror, and I have a lamp that directly faces the mirror (behind him). I think I"ll move the lamp now!
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Haha, scaring yourself!!


Here, I found this - read the section about how cats get their eye colour - right at the end of the article you'll see why you are getting the red. :-)

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