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information needed

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I read on a forum yesterday about a program to spay or nueter cats at very low cost. I do not remember the name of the forum. Does anyone know anything about this program and who I would contact.I have a female who is about to have kittens, I would love to have the kittens fixed before the they find homes. I also would like to give them their shots before hand. The cost is a problem for me however. If anyone has information I would appreciate the help.
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Hello there:

Click on the below link - it will bring you to the Low Cost Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana. If you qualify it's only $20.00


In case this dosen't work for you here is a website that lists low cost prgrams by state.


You are doing the right thing and good luck to you.
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Thank-You so much for your assistance. The links you gave are great. You have helped everyone who reads this forum and who may need assistace. You have also helped all the cats who will now recive assistance. Thank-You agian!
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Also call 1-800-SPAY USA
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I believe the number is 1-800-248-SPAY
I called the 1-800-SPAY-USA the other day cause I thought that was it and I got ahold of some church thing.

The website though is

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