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And then there were two

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Champage, and Ash left today to new homes. One of the vet techs at the local hospital flipped over Champagne and came tonight to take him to her 5 acre farm. She also raises German Shorthairs and was glad that Champagne is used to dogs. Then a gal showed up and she sat down on the floor and Ash came right to her! Something, the shy one is not known to do. They interacted for about 10 minutes, and then I followed her home, met her new kitten, her boyfriend and saw the place where Ash would stay. I heartily approved, and came back home and said my goodbyes and took Ash over to his new home. sniff...sniff..... Marshall and Fergi the twins are left and the stipulation is if I can't find them a good place for the both of them to go together, they will stay right here with us.
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Hissy, I very much wanted either Massey or Fergie, whichever I bonded with the most, but couldn't seem to find the right time to come down to meet them! And me being a non-driver just complicated things!

Now with Cagney expecting, it seems there was a reason for all these obstacles?

I'm so happy you've found good homes for 3 of the babies though, they are so precious and you've had such a time with the whole situation...

The "twins" are so adorable, i just feel it in my heart you'll find a home for them both, although keeping them is a fun idea too...that way we can all watch them grow up!

May God continue to Bless and Guide you,

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Even when we can't see the reasons, they exist. I hope all goes well with Cagney's pregnancy and delivery.
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