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My turn..............

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Well,i've read where everyone is from, now it's my turn.. I am a 28 yr old mother of three <human girls>, my name is Juliana,I live in New Jersey (south), I have a 1 yr old female black lab, and a what I believe is a Birman(female) which I saved her life, (see story in S.O.S)and this is my 3rd kitty I actually owned, my other one is at my mothers house she is a domestic short hair her name is Baby and she is about 13 yrs old, the one that lives with me is going to be 1 yr old this spring, she is diagnosed with FELV and she is a very pretty kitty, she harasses her sister (lab) alot she grabs her by the neck and bites her, and bites her legs, but the dog doesn't mind too much, she just opens her mouth over her head or nudges her and chases her, they are great playmates.
The other one I had was my first kitty her name was Precious (Precie for short) she was a Himilayan and the kitty that is at my mothers house is her sister their mother was a Siamese, I got both of them from a friend. But then money matters got tight and I gave Precie to my other friend and then about 5 yrs ago she was poisoned by the neighborhood kids, (she got out of the house)and she is no longer with us.. Well this is one of my many stories.. talk to you all soon.
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Hi! Just wanted to tell you how glad I am you have joined the forums! I hope you enjoy it here! Nice to meet you, (and your pets)
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Nice to meet you! I hope you stay and get to know everyone. I know quite a few people all over Jersey. Mostly from the cat fancy. We plan to take a trip there this spring.
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