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Scaredy cat

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A little over a month ago I tried a calming collar on Angel. I didn't put it on tight enough and it got stuck in her mouth. My DH had to hunt her down to remove the collar and she was not herself for about 2 days.

Ever since she has been scared of my DH when he is standing. She used to hiss and hide but the hissing has mostly stopped. The weird thing is that she'll come by him if he sits or lays down. At first he just ignored it and figured she'd get over it. Now he's starting to be bothered. I know Angel doesn't understand but he saved her and she's afraid of him. Any ideas to help them get along again?
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He needs to spend time reassuring her. His taking over doing her feeding, playing with her while sitting, offering out treats,ect. Anything that makes their interactions with each other that would make her feel good will help. With time this will pass.

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