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out of control...

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I posted once before about my 1 year old, Mocha (neutered) who we thought was a feral cat that was rescued by the Humane Society, and the problem we have been having with him biting and bullying and the fact that he refused to be groomed. Well, after spending 2.5 hours two nights ago at the emergency vet office and $250.00 later, my problem has obviously escalated. Apparently, 4 or 5 days ago, Mocha once again attacked Max, our newest addition, a 4 year old neutered male (had him 4 weeks) and bit him on the tail, unbeknownst to us. Two nights ago, I got home and found Max with blood and pus dripping down his tail, so I bundled him up to the vet where i was told he had an abcess from a cat bite. (We know it wasn't Baubles, my 3 year old female MC...Mocha's reputation precedes him). Mocha is currently 1 year old, and we got him first, after the death of our Casey. Then 3 weeks later, we got Baubles (our sweetie). Baubles and Mocha would rough house all the time and you would hear the occasional screeches and hisses between them, but they have always tolerated each other. Mocha, unfortunately, has always had a biting problem, and we have done what we could to correct this. Anyway, Mocha's latest thing is to run and attack from the rear...we caught him doing it to Baubles a couple of times right before we got Max, and he has tortured Max pitifully which upsets me, because Max is not having a quality life that he should. My mom feels that there are occasionally "bad animals" that just can't be trained or anything done with them....So, it appears I need to make a decision..Mocha vs. Max.....Any suggestions, before I have to go down that road? (BTW..we have tried a myriad of things, per the books....Starting to believe that Mocha is just mean...)
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First I am so sorry that you have to be in this situation. Second why not try an animal (cat) behaviorist. They might be able to help work this thing out. Good luck!
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There are also behavioral meds to try as well. I am sorry you have such an aggressive cat. Perhaps an alternate home where he is a solo cat might be a consideration for you?
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Hissy - Really appreciate all your advice ... am an avid follower of your posts...

I was trying to stay away from meds if I can....I was already thinking that maybe Mocha needs to be the sole kitty in a house by himself...but since he was the one that was here first, I have hesitated to part with him....I think I'm going to try the meds and if htat doesn't work, then find a nice home for him. Regardless, I'm going to have to make a decision soon, since I can't keep Max locked up - it's not fair to him. I will have to let him out supervised this evening as it is since his tail is healing a bit and I'm going to try the vanilla extract trick once again....I'll keep you posted....
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Good luck with your difficult the way, I love your pic of Casey, must have been a real character.
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Hissey -

Well, I took Max out of the utility room and let him roam, after I dabbed vanilla on him, Mocha and Baubles. Baubles went up to him, sniffed all around him, and moved on to the sink to get her drink - she was fine. Max went near Mocha, they both sniffed, and Mocha immediately yowled....go figure.....i forgot to mention that he is a very intelligent and crafty cat too, especially for a 1 year, if meds don't work, it looks like when Max's tail gets better, I'm going to find a home for him....Mocha was here first, after all. I just hope that he doesn't start turning on Baubles..only time will tell....

Toby - Thanks for the compliment about Casey - I do miss her bery much, and today is the 1 year anniversary of her death so it's a little hard today. And you were right - she WAS a character, and as far as she was concerned, she was human (or is hubby and I were cats? <grin> She actually sat upright quite a lot, just like a human and watch TV with us in the evenings...)

Have a great day everybody and thanks for your suggestions...
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Well, Max just isn't happy here so I have officially become a "foster mother" rather than a new mother.....I have placed an ad in the paper to find Max a good home and whoever takes him will have to sign a contract stating that he will be indoor only, etc. etc.'s a shame....If anybody in the East Texas area is looking for a great furkid, please email me...I have one for you along with his carrier, litterbox and one bag of food that I'll give to you...I just want him to be happy!
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I know a couple of people. I will send some emails tonight and see if they are interested or know someone who is.

I am sorry this didn't work out for you- for he sounds like a lovely cat!
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I should add a little info, I guess: He is medium haired (softest fur I have ever felt), weighs 14lbs, is silver/black tabby stripes and is a looooong cat in the body......the vet thinks there might be a smidgen of Maine Coon due to his build. He's neutered and declawed as well, and very bright! (After watching my cats drink from the faucet for the psat 8 weeks, he is now doing so). I've posted on petfinder as well, just in case....
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Well I haven't had a chance to get back in this thread for awhile, and I did hear from one of my contacts who found a home for him- but not an inside home, a barn home. The fact that he is declawed (which I didn't know prior to sending my emails). Because he is declawed, I doubt being in a barn would be a wise thing. I will email my friend back and let her know about the declawing issue and see if anything else can be done.

I am sorry-
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Hold off on your efforts, Hissey, and I thank you for looking for me.....But my husband has now vetoed my decision of finding Max a new home...he's decided he wants to keep him. He's going to try and see if Max will take to going in the truck with him (he drives an 18 wheeler) and if not, he wants to keep him anyway...He feels we haven't given it enough time...I will keep you posted if things don't work out though....Again, thanks for your help to date....and you're right...barn cats and declawing don't go

Hope you had a great weekend...

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Steveie, I hope all works out with Max. He may enjoy being by himself with your husband in the truck. Our Amber loves car rides and I know someone who has 2 bobcats, like Amber, that travel all over the country with them in their truck. Maybe your husband will meet up with them one day
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If you don't mind me asking you how long have you had your "Little Hellion" around with the other cats? because it took my Vagabond almost a month before she warmed up to hobo enough to stop terrorizing her (and hobo was just 2 months old!). Maybe your hubby is correct tin the fact that you guys haven't given the little furball enough time. From what i understand it can take up to 6 months (or even longer in stuborn cases...) for cats to adjust to each other.

Just a thought.

~ Salem
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Hi Salem - Actually, we've had Mocha since 10/17/02, we got Baubles on 11/15/02 and they were doing pretty okay (they get into normal kitty scraps) but we've had Max for only 2.5 months now.....and it's Mocha that is bullying Max...and since Mocha is a biter, I really have to watch them closely, since Max has already had one abcess from Mocha biting his tail. Max is VERY laid back....just follows me all around the house like a dog. He does stand his ground now with Mocha - we noticed that over the weekend. He doesn't get aggressive, but he stands his ground and Mocha is the one backing down, until Max turns away (which is when Mocha usually goes on the attack - coward that he is...)lol....
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Yeah I would expect that in this case you haven't given them enough time... have you looked up the diffrent ways of introucing cats? I'm sure I could find a ton of them for you if you'd like, because I'm thinking one reason they might not be so "nice to each other" is because they never got properly introduced to each other. How did you introduce them to each other if you don't mind me asking?

~ Salem
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That is wonderful news- if you aren't aware of it, we have a new member who is a trucker who has written articles about his Road Cat- I am sure that Jimmy would be happy to help your husband and Max make this new adjustment.

Here are the links to his articles:

Fur the Long Haul

If you would like his email address let me know?
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Salem - I did all the introductions according to Hissey's wonderful advice and the advise on this website...and did the vanilla extract trick as well....Mocha however, was not falling for that trick...LMAO! Just the fact that he was able to SEE an interloper into his domain was giving him fits - he didn't care that they all smelled the same! I'm going to give it more time and see what develops....

Hissey - I have read with interest the articles about the trucker and his cat - He writes very well and I have to laugh when I read them! I can certainly relate to some of the stuff he writes about too, since I have been out with Steve on his truck for a bit... We are hoping to send Max out with Steve once he gets a short haul to the Dallas area (it's 2 hours there and 2 back so it will be a good maiden voyage for Max). I will keep you posted....
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Just make sure the Twinkies are locked up where the cat can't get at them, and get on down the road!
If the cat doesn't get motion sickness, it might be a great thing for him to be a "road cat".
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