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new female cat...?

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Hi everyone! I am new here and I have a rather silly question...
I have lived with many cats over the years and have seen how they interact and stuff...but now I have a situation I have never run into before...
My sister has a 1year old female cat...and I have just rescued a 5month old cat from friends of a friend who were going to give it to the spca...I have heard that female cats don't get along, is this true?I have only lived with male and females cats, never with just female cats...is there going to be huge issues here?
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I have always heard that cats of the opposite sex get along better. Our family had 2 female cats when I was younger and I remember the newer cat was always picking on the older cat, and the older cat didnt want anything to do with the newer cat.. ever, really. But I am sure there are also many here that have females that do get along so its kind of hard to say. I guess it really depends on the cats! Zoey is female and Saki is male and they get along great.

Be sure to do a search here on how to introduce a new cat to your existing cat. There are a lot of good tips for a smooth transaction.
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thanks for the tip!
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I had 2 male cats that got on just great. Also have a friend who has a sister/brother combo and they fight all the time, so I'm not sure that there's a clear "same sex/different sex" route you can take that will ensure you have cats that get along.

Good luck with your kitties though and WELCOME.
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well thanks so much for the comment!
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Hello, someguy!
I have 3 female cats. They came to me at different times so they are not related. It is not always easy to introduce something new to cats so it follows that I had problems making them get along at the beginning. But they sort of adjusted to each other now. They are not the best of friends & I don't think they ever will. But it is not a war zone either. They just tolerate each other.
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My first cat and second cat were females and after a short spitting/hissing routine they got a long fabulously. They became inseparable. But since then, I also have had females that DON'T like each other, but never to the point where I felt they could not love together. So it will vary in each situation.
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well thanks so much for the advice...!
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I hope I don't scare you but when I was growing up I had my cat, Lucky. She was a maine coon cat. She slept with me and was inside all the time.

Then my mom got this calico manx named Minnow. The cat was given to her as a gift when she was in the hospital healing from a motorcycle accident. She loved that cat and when she moved to the island had to let someone else watch it. When she got it back wel..

Both cats were spayed but began marking their territory. My mom made me kick Lucky outside but we fed her everyday and she hung around the house.. she was a survivor. In florida the weather was nice and warm so even in the winter time it never got real cold. If it did we let Lucky in our porch with some blankets.

I hope your cats don't do this, i can't rememver very well why they did but who knows. Good luck
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I have 3 females plus a female foster. Scarlett gets along great with Koko but hated Shep from the minute she laid eyes on her. Koko gets along with Shep. The foster is quarantined, but Scarlett and Koko sit on the window ledge and watch her with (positive) interest - they will adjust well. It's hit or miss. Introduce them slowly and give them time to adjust. It will help that one of them is a kitten.
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It's been my experience that two female cats will get along
better than two males
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I have 3 females and 1 male. None of them get along with each other-they just tolerate each other most of the time. Tulip and Katy fought like mad when I brought Katy home for the first time. This went on for easily 6 months. Even now though the fighting has stopped if Tulip glares at Katy she will run off. One of my females Mischa cant stand Dirt(male) at any price and will chase him through the house. I dont worry as Dirt is very quick on his paws and jumps up onto high surfaces and swats at her - he's a terrible tease! So i think it is the given cat and the given situation as to whether they get along.
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well for what it is worth, Matty and Suma are two months apart, both females, and I adopted them from the same no kill center. They are like the very best of friends, I can not get over how will they get along, they are the best of buds.
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