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What info should I put on a tag?

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I wasn't sure which forum to put this in, so please move it if needed.

I just posted about how I thought Tiki had escaped my apartment. I got a safety collar for her & Echo, but now I'm wanting to get name tags for them. I'm not sure what info I should put on there. I know to put their names & my phone number, but anything else?

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Maybe a second emergency number like your parents or their vet? An address is also helpful in case they are injured. I had a dog hit by a car and the ppolice had a diffucult time locating us as we had put our work number instead of home and there was no address on it.
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The only problem about putting my address on it is that I might be moving in 6 months. Once I finish my training, I'll be sent to another place. I could buy new tags again, but I'm much rather not have to hassle with that. I could put down my parents number since I don't have a vet up here yet. That something I really need to look into. I want to find a good Vet that deals with cats all the time.

Thanks Teresa!
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I put that cat's name, my name, address, telephone and vet telephone on them.

It might seem like a pain to put the address too, but personally I'd recommend doing it anyways, even if it's only for 6 months. But if you get the little tags from the machine that you print in the store, instead of ordering them, you might not have space for an address. In that case, I'd just put as many phone #s as you can.
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I use the rabies tag from my vet. It has her phone number, and a web site
Get me Home where pets are registered with owner information. Then the web site can be updated if some information changes. They each have a registration number at the web site, and you can post a photo of your pet, for identification purposes.
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What about microchipping? That way when they are found (if they ever should get lost, hopefully not!), the people can check it out using the computer and I am sure you can change the address every time you can move - all it takes is changing it on the computer?
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I would microchip as well if it were me.
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Another vote for microchipping, but in addition to a safety collar.

Sammie5, that's a cool website - a neat idea!
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I've got Cat's name, city & prov., and my (area code)phone number.

The only problem with you putting your mother's info on your kitties collars is that when you DO move in 6 months, you're going to wanna change the info again anyways. If you can keep the same phone number, then maybe you can consider doing what I did. then you don't need to put the address in.

(I put city & prov. in after hearing stories about cats getting into trucks by accident and going thousands of miles away )
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I've located owners of found pets thru rabies tag - they have the vet name and number on it, and a number that can be looked up to contact the owner. For a personalized tag, I typically include the pet's name, my name and phone number. If I move, I simply get a new tag - they're not really that expensive.
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Thanks everyone! Once I find a good vet around her, I'll be getting both girls microchipped. But I feel better having them wear a collar with a tag too. It's a hard decision because I've read & heard so many horror stories about collars. I just want to what is the best for them no matter what.

As for the info on the tags, I've decided to put my cell phone # on it (which is my home phone & don't plan on changing it) along with their names & my address. I figure tags aren't that expensive & after 6 months I may have to stay here. I won't know until after my 3rd month in training where I'll be going. They may decide to keep me in this area (which would be great...moving really sucks!).

Thanks again everyone for you suggestions & your advice. I really appreciate it!
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My dogs have two id tags. One has there name, our address and our phone number. The other tag has the vets name and number along with REWARD. Oddly enough I don't have tags on my cats I guess I should put them on there collars, that will be a small furtane to do
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