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Adopted a Persian!

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I just adopted a beautiful gray persian cat from the humane society. He was brought in as a stray, so had to stay one week in the shelter before I could take him home.
I brought him home yesterday, and other than some bad eye crustys he seemed fine. This morning I noted he was drooling -- A LOT. So I took him to my vet and it turns out he has a cold. We have anti-biotics now and I was wondering- for any one with persian experience-- what is the best stuff for cleaning his eyes and nose? He gets rather fidgity and sneezy when I try to wipe it clean, but I don't want it to crust up or get painful.
He's also not interested much in food. I bought some wet food and even tried heating it in the microwave-- he has to eat!
I am pretty hopefull, because even since this afternoon when he got his first dose of antibiotics he's stopped drooling, but now his eyes, nose and mouth are pretty crusty. I don't want to give him a bath while he's sick- just all around tips on getting Chairman Meow healthy now that he's a member of this nutty house are so welcome and appreciated!
Thanks again, glad to have found this forum!
and Zeus, Odin, Tiberius and Chairman Meow
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He is probably not eating because he can't smell, try to put some food on his paw, or his whiskers or in his mouth to tempt him to eat.
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Welcome to this site

You can try using a warm wet rag to clean his face with and the crust of .
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Thanks for adopting this little guy. I use warm water (you may want to use cooled, boiled water at first to avoid infection), on cotton wool pads to clean my persians' eyes.

Good luck!
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Congratulation! Persians are wonderful cats! I have 3 and in a week will have 5! There a lot of work but worth it! I use cotton balls and tepid water on my persian's eyes. I wet 3 cotton balls with bottled water and warm it in the microwave for about 5 seconds. Make sure you check them before putting them on the kitties eyes to make sure they are not hot.

Hissy told me about a product called eye envy the other day. I'm going to try that because 2 of my persians are very light in color (creme). It's expensive but probably lasts a long time. I'll find the link and put it at the end of my post.

Eye Envy
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Congratulations on your new Persian! Agree with all the previous advice given. Don't bath your new boy with a cold - warm wipes as Yola suggested are better at this time. Cats are so scent driven that if he can't smell, food won't be appetizing to him until his cold clears up a bit. You don't by chance live in the Kansas City area? We adopted out a grey cat named Chairman Meow last week from Help Humane.
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Thanks all so much!

How long should I worry about him not eating? I've tried wet food, tried heating it up he won't touch it.
He's not bathing himself and hasn't used the litter box so far. His attitude is pretty good he's friendly, wants to cuddle and purrs LOTS! I am thankful about the advice about his eyes, now I am worried about him eating- any more ideas?
PS I am in the Detroit area not Kansas City but how funny about the other gray persian!
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Keep an eye on him. A couple of days not eating due to stress or not feeling well is acceptable (in my experience), however any longer, and I'd get him back to the vet.

The fact that he's affectionate is good. If he was really poorly, he'd be off on his own in a corner. However, be warned, as well as a sign of contentment, purring can be a sign that a cat is in pain.

As for not using the litter tray, well - nothing in nothing out so to speak . . .
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I would LOVE to have a persian...they are so pretty
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