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New Letter Game

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I thought I would try out a new letter game similar to the alphabet game. Only the directions are different.

We come up with a topic about something. Then name something that has to do with that topic. The next person names something that has to do with the same topic only it has to start with the same letter that the last one ended with. (Topics can change anytime someone wants to change it).
I'll do the first three to show you how it works.

I'll start with movies.

Hope Floats


Dirty Dancing

Understand? What do you think? If y'all think it's a stupid idea, then just let me know and we'll forget the whole thing.
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Ocean's Eleven

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No way out
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Time Machine

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escape from alcatraz
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Rain Man
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Neverending Story
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Young Frankenstein
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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
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Dang..i'm sorry! but the thread showed a y for me when i refreshed it
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Happen all the time!

Land before time
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Raiders of the Lost Ark

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King Solomon's Mines
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King Kong
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Silence of the Lambs
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Singing in the Rain
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Star Wars

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Too Slow I guess!!

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We posted at the same time and mine also works with yours so...
Singing in the Rain
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