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Embarrassing visit to the vet

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I am not sure if this is where to post this thread but here it goes.
I brought QT to the vet for her scheduled deworming. She is used to the leash but unfortunately, she immediately knew where she was the moment I drove in the parking lot so I had to carry her in. Unknown to me she managed to pee (just a little) on my pants. I was the only cat. The rest of the patients were dogs. You can imagine the commotion I caused in the clinic. I guess it was the smell of the pee or something. I had to wait outside, the receptionist had to talk to me there too, etc. Did anything like this happen to you?
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That's too bad the pee caused such a furor! On top of the stress of the visit, your poor QT. No that hasn't happened to me, but now I'll keep that in mind. My vet also sees other animals, but there is a separate waiting room for cats. The closest feline-only practice is too far for me.
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I've had an embarrasing visit to the vet too - just a couple months ago.

I took Tater Dude to the vet because he had broken off one of his teeth and seemed to have something stuck in his throat. This cat really, really hates the vet. I hate taking him over there. I'm sure you'll understand why after I tell you what happened during this visit. We got him over there inside the office and closed the door. As soon as we opened the carrier, Dude got loose inside the office. He "pottied" all over the table. I guess the vet visit scared it out of him. It was really stinking too. Dude started running all over the office, jumping up on top of everything - shelves, tables, cabinets - knocking over pamphlets, coupons, advantage and frontline packs, papers everywhere. I finally caught him way up on the very top of a cabinet (he was near the ceiling)! He was still stinking because he stepped in his little "accident" and got it everywhere - and since I had to hold him down throught he entire visit, it got on me too. (I showered immediately when I got back home). It was quite an experience.

Dude is fine now, but I don't want to even think about his next visit to the vet until I have to. I might give myself nightmares!
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I take my cats in a carrier. But the first time I took Peaches I opened the carrier and let her out in the exam room and she had pooped all over herself. Poor baby. She had the runs really bad and couldn't help it. Luckily, I didn't get any on me!
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I dont think I could ever take my cats to the vet without a carrier
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I had a cat from whom the vet once attempted to extract some urine, but it didn't work. When we got back in the car the poor baby huddled on my lap and promptly peed all over me. I could tell she was embarrassed so I just cuddled her and talked gently to her and took her home where I showered and changed before going back to work. I felt really bad about leaving her.
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