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What Happens When One Dies...

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My kitten is dealing with FIP, or so all the signs indicate. I am heartbroken--not only for myself and my husband but also for our 14-month-old cat. He is quite attached to her in these past 2.5 months, and I start crying at the very thought of him facing that first day alone. How do you explain to your cat (or any pet) why his/ her buddy has gone away? And since he's been exposed to the virus now, we may never get another cat for as long as he lives.

I wanted a second cat, yes; but I also wanted to provide companionship for my baby boy. I feel as though I've made a HUGE mess of things, even though I know it's not my fault. The entire situation seems unreal and tragic.

If the alternative treatment I'm trying does not save my kitten, how can I help my adult better cope with the loss (as I try to cope myself)?

Thank you,

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I really hope that your baby does not have FIP. My thoughts are with you!

You and your older boy will find a way of dealing with this together. Spend extra time snuggling and playing together. Do his favorite things with him. You will bring comfort to each other, you knowing that you are helping your boy work through his grief, and he, knowing that you will always be there for him.

I lost an 18 month old to FIP who was living with 7 other cats. None of the others ever contracted it, even though they shared food and litter, slept with each other, groomed each other, and even nursed from each other. Over time, I added more cats to the household once I felt it was safe.
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First, I want to say I have read your threads in the Health and Nutrition forum, and I hope the kitten doesn't have FIP also.

Two years ago, we had to have our cat, Midnight, put to sleep. Snowball and Midnight had been companions and playmates for 10 years. At that time, the vet told me that our loss of Midnight was also Snowball's loss, and that he would go through a period of grieving similiar to ours. For several weeks following Midnight's death, Snowball was more lethargic and seemed depressed, also he needed a lot of extra cuddling and attention which we gave him. After that he did adjust and has been happy living as an only cat.
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We lost a baby to FIP also. Twig my tabby was lethargic and depressed, (while Zen was alive and fighting the disease Twig would lick him and sleep right next to him and was constantly looking at us like"why won't you fix him?", he never left Zens side for a minute except to eat and potty) but with time and extra cuddles we got through it together.
Twig (the vet said) could be a carrier but we waited the suggested period to make sure we were rid of the disease and that Twig wasn't going to get it also, and then slowly added three more kitties.
Now Twig has a new best friend Rocket and two sisters(so to speak) Isis and Luna he seems happy now and content, we adore him and wouldn't trade him, or any of them for that matter, for anything in the world.
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we have been through this ourselves and it's hard

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