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New Jersey man arrested for feline "House of Horrors"

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BRIGANTINE, N.J. -- South New Jersey officials seized dozens of cats in what is being called one of the worst animal cruelty cases ever.

The man who lived with the cats now faces numerous charges.

Officials at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals began removing the cats last week from an apartment house in Brigantine, N.J. As of Tuesday, at least 45 cats had been seized.

Officials said they found filthy conditions and at least one cat skeleton. The landlord evicted tenant Larry Webber.

An animal rescue spokeswoman explained how Webber's apartment turned into a feline house of horrors:

"It looks like he took in a few cats as pets or rescued them, I don't know which, and just let them reproduce. How many years ago that happened, I don't know, and (he) never bothered spaying or neutering them, and so it just became a horrible, unhealthy situation in there," said Jane Ibberson of an animal rescue operation.

Webber faces 50 counts of animal cruelty. Animal officials are pushing for jail time.
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Brigantine, N.J. - October 14, 2003 — The SPCA has its hands full in Brigantine, New Jersey. Animal experts have been removing cats from a home on the 300 block of East Brigantine Avenue for 10 days.

The cats were discovered after a mailman reported a stench from the house to police. It was so bad, police and firefighters had to wear protective gear to take a look inside. Police found cat feces piled up to two feet deep on floors and counters, cats eating off tables, and garbage and urine throughout.

Unbelievably, a person lived here. 44-year-old Larry Weber works in the food and beverage department at the Sands. The SPCA is charging him with animal cruelty. He could face fines up to 12-hundred-50 dollars and six months in jail, per cat.

The landlords, Bill and Lori Wheaton Giles of Brigantine, are working to have Weber evicted. Weber is staying with a friend and the SPCA is trying to find homes for all the cats.

Donations of money or supplies to help care for the cats are being accepted by English Creek Supply, 3088 English Creek Ave, Egg Harbor Twp., N.J. 08234.
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That is a classic example of a hoarder if I've ever seen one! They think they are doing them all a favor but they really are not. How sad for all the kitties!
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I am glad they're taking donations for the cats, that means they're not getting put down! That's the worst part of all, is when the collector's cats pay the ultimate price for human error/mental illness.

I can't imagine what the SPCA employees who are gathering up the cats have to deal with at that house. It sounds beyond unliveable. And to think they guy who lived there worked in the FOOD department of a casino!!!!
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Some people are just plane sick in their head . But a man who is educated doing that ??? sick

I just feel sorry for all the cats/kittens , some never will have a change in life this is so sad .
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