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My mom quilts!

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We've been out of town for over a week - my mom had sinus surgery, and we went down to help out. Dad's a lifetime diabetic and needs someone around (alert) to help remind him to check his blood sugar levels, take the right amount of insulin, etc. - and we didn't want mom to have to worry about any of that.

The surgery went great and they're both doing fine.

BUT - while we were there I took pictures of some of her quilts. She's got a "quilt room" and I think it is so cool! She does artsy quilts more than bedspread type things. She sent Gary and I home with three . I'll have to post pics of those later - they weren't hanging in the room.

Here's one with my dad - just for perspective on the size.

One note - what makes them quilts you can't really see in the pictures! It's the stitching all over the work that makes it a quilt as opposed to just an artsy wall hanging. In the pics you can see the piecework and the applique when she uses it - but it's really hard to see any of the "quilting."
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This is Gary's favorite (of the ones she has hanging in the quilt room)
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The lighting is terrible on this one, but I love the fan - and you might be able to see some of the stitching ("quilting").
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And here's one with my mom in the pic. She doesn't look so great because of the bandages, but she's standing near a quilt-in-progress.
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Ooops! Forgot the pic.
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the three of us. A family of shrimps! I'm 5'2". Dad used to be 5'5" - guess he's shrinking. Oh - and the newest member of the family, they're teacup poodle, Loki.

(Not such a great pic, but the only one that isn't completely fuzzy).

Oh- and mom doesn't need the bandages anymore.
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Wow, she is very talented! Those are gorgeous!
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your moms quilts are gorgeous laurie!

looks like all things considered, you had a nice visit!

welcome back!
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It really amazes me. Some of them are so complicated, with so many small bits and pieces - and literally hundreds of different types of fabrics in them (none of those realy complex ones hanging, so no pics) - but how people who quilt figure out what fabrics work together, can "see" the shading and stuff as they build the quilts.... it truly boggles my mind.
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those are awesome! I love that red swirly one. your parents look like sweethearts!
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Wow, I'm impressed. Looks like your mom is quite the quilter! I bet they look even better in person where you can see the detail too.

And I'm glad her sinus surgery went well.
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What kind of sinus surgery did your mom have? I'm due to have mine on Nov. 19th. Mine is functional endoscopic sinus surgery.
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the quilts are so beautiful! I love love love quilts! Your parents have such lovely faces, so warm and friendly and I can see where you got your lovely personality from!
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They are gorgeous! I love quilts and wish I had the talent and patience to do one!
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Raquel & Kellye, they are sweet.

Jenn - I am constantly amazed at the detail that goes into these things.

And Ady, we've been begging my mom for a bedspread quilt. Maybe one day.... but they do take forever - even the smaller ones.

Tigger - I don't know what the technical name for what she had done is. She's been plagued with frequent sinus infections for many many years, and she's had no sense of smell for probably the last 10 years. The surgery performed was to remove polyps (which will likely grow back), mucus sacs (sorry, sounds disgusting, but this is the sinus we're talking about), and to create some scar tissue on purpose somewhere to help prevent the regrowth and closure of something I don't remember (Doc was using all kinds of medical terms new to me).

She took no pain killers after returning home - didn't need to. She'll be in discomfort due to the swelling for the next 2 - 3 weeks, but after that there's hope that her sense of smell will return within 6 months to a year.
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The quilts are gorgeous!! I've seen the term "medallian" used for the ones that your mom gave you. They are smaller in size, used as a wall hanging, and have a lot of intrigue piecework and stitching - more so than bed quilts.

My mom quilted when she was alive, and I'm honored to have about 6 of her quilts. I don't have them on the beds for fear the cats will destroy them, so I have them hanging on the walls and hanging on the quilt stand that Dad built me many years ago. I have a book on making medallian quilts, and always wanted to find the time to do that.
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I love the quilts, especially the one with the fan on it. We go to Amish Country every year and one of the things I love to do is look at the quilts. People who quilt are true artists.
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I agree Nora, that along with crocheting, cross-stitching and taking action fights of their cats and photoshopping them Your mom has a real craft and it's neat to see your parents who do seem like sweet people
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Your mother is very creative! Those are awesome quilts! I made one quilt about 24 years ago but it wasn't anything near what your mother does! I was pregnant for Rachel and made it for her. She still has it even though it is a little war torn!
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