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I just don't understand people sometimes

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one of the farmers died a few months ago that lives near us. The people that moved on to his place have been cutting down century old trees since they've moved in. Today bulldozers came in to level the land and Mike went over to see what they were doing. They are putting in a mini golf course!!! All those gorgeous trees sacrificed for a mini golf course. At least it will be private (for church members only) and not open to the public....
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How sad.
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That is sad
In my country it is illegal to cut down trees. But of course, enforcing the law is another problem!
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That's terrible! Couldn't they have incorporated some of the trees into the darn mini golf course? Sheesh!
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Oh! That's sad!
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UCK...i'd rather have the trees!!! what is peoples' problem??
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Welcome to the world we live in where life is run by money. Just like the town I was born and raised in....it used to be a small town where everyone knew everyone....Now it's a Shopping mall.
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How terrible. I know whenever someone moves to our neighborhood, it seems the first thing they do is cut down several trees (so they don't have to rake, or so they're reassured that the tree won't fall into their home during a storm)...ugh! My husband and I love the trees and would only cut one down if it was diseased or infested with carpenter ants and couldn't be saved. Heck, I look at raking as a form of exercise. Glad to know you all love trees too.

I feel for you Hissy. What a bummer!
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That's terrible. There is a mini-golf course near me that is absolutely gorgeous, because there are so many trees. Who wants to play mini-golf in the hot sun, with nothing to look at? Why do people have to be so stupid?!
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I hate when they do that .
For church members only ??? That must be a big rich church they got .
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Hope they have a permit for the change!
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I hate it when people do that. Out here in CA the developers always carve down the hills and build up the valleys and take out all the vegetation so new developments are flat and devoid of interest and beauty.

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I hate that too.

Couldn't they intergrate tat least some of the trees into the golf course?

Where I live in CA, devolopers aren't allowed to cut down oak trees unless they are diseased. If they have to remove them, they have to replant 2 oak trees for every tree they remove. It's county ordinance.
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It is sad when people do that.
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