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update on car situation

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As you know, I did a voluntary repo on my car last month. Well, they sold it for close to $14,000. I owed $25, 0000. So, my balance is now $11,000, which honestly, I thought was going to be around $15,000 or so. Now, I just hope they dont kill me with how much I will have to give a month. But, I know, it will all work out. I need to be optimistic about this. It was best for us to do this. Everyone at work, well a few, say 'oh, you should just declare bankruptcy'! Which, to tell you the truth, our credit is around 700, and I am not, we are not, willing to do that. Somehow, we will make it We only get takeout on the weekends, I;ve cut the premium packages off of the satellite, etc. A lot of it, though, has to do with because I only get paid $12.00/hr, whereas about a year and 3 months ago, I was making close to $16/hr. I think once I have my sinus surgery done, I will look for a better paying job. I just need those health benefits right now!
So, I could use some positive thoughts, or something, too. I am wondring if I could just turn this remaining balance into a consolidation loan?
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Woah what kind of car is that
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Sending you mega Good luck Vibes!
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Good luck - I hope everything works out for you!
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