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Feral kitten run over by a car

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So I saw a feral kitten last night. I couldn't catch it -- I started following it just to see where it was coming from and to get a better look at it -- but it ran under a dumpster. I didn't want it to go any further, so I left it alone.

My girlfriend wrote me today to say she might have found a home for it if we could catch it.

Went out this morning, tried to find it a little, couldn't find it.

Went out this afternoon to find it. It was dead in the parking lot - it must have been hiding under a car and gotten run over.

I guess the moral of the story is never hesitate if you think you can do something good for another animal.

I guess there's nothing I could have done, but it sucks.

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Bless your heart! I feel so bad for you that you had to find the kitten dead. It is so easy to know exactly what to do when we are looking at a situation in retrospect. The fact that you were looking to find the kitten a home says bundles about what a kind-hearted soul you are.

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I agree with Renae. I'm so sorry about the kitty. I say prayers for all the homeless kitties every night, and it just tears the heart apart when you want or tried to do something - and then something like this happens. Hugs to you and your girlfriend.

And you really can't beat yourself up for it. If, in the future, it makes you try harder and spend longer, it just means your heart is so wonderfully large. But when you find yourself rescuing pretty regularly, you find you have to accept, at some point, your limits. And they do exist. But I cry for your kitty - because I cry for them all. It is so, so sad.

BUT - if you want to put yourself back in good cheer and thank God or the Universe for other people who cared and smile for kitties that were rescued, try reading some rescue stories!!!! Just head over to the cat rescue section of www.savesamoa.org.

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Oh how very sad. At least your intentions were good. Poor little thing.
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RIP little feral kitty

The first feral cat that I ever fed was run over about a month ago. It was heart breaking
Be strong and keep up the good work with the other ferals in your neighboorhood. You are making a difference.
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RIP little kitten.

You did the best ou could for the kitten. He's at the bridge now.

Keep up what you are doing.

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