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I survived the BIG Move!

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Hi Everyone! You have no idea how much I've missed you all! I've been going stir crazy with out the internet & finally I just got it hooked up.

As for the move, it sucked but that's moving for ya! I've got most of the boxes of junk put away, but now I'm working on putting together my kitchen table & chairs, then the dresser & finally the night stand. I swear I feel like a carpenter! LOL!

The girls (Tiki & Echo) are doing great. Echo was REALLY scared once we got up here. She refused to come out from under the bed & wouldn't eat or drink. Yesterday, she finally came out & started exploring the place. Today she's normal...just hanging out. As for Tiki she's the explorer of the two. She was into just about anything she could right off the bat. I can tell that they are a bit lonely with out Bud. Neither of them are lap kitties, but since the first night they've been snuggling with me on the couch. So maybe they're finally warming up to their Mommy! The drive up here was good. Echo never meowed the entire time, but Tiki cried for the first 30 minutes or so. Finally she gave up & decided to take a nap. They were such good little girls!

Well, I better go for now. I've got to talk to the apartment manager about some issues. For one, I've got a bird in my chimney & it's driving me nuts! Plus, I got the $#@% scared outta me on Monday morning. They sent the painter up to finish their mistakes when they painted last week, but they neglected to tell them that I had moved in. Well, at 9:45 that morning I was still in bed when I heard someone walk in to my apartment! Instantly, I knew someone was inside because the cats freaked out & I yelled to see if someone was there. The painting lady apologized for walking in like that...she said that the Manager didn't tell her I had moved in yet. Needless to say, I didn't rip the poor woman apart but I'll be having some words with the Manager.

Anyway, I just thought I'd stop in & let you all know that we're doing ok. I'm hoping I'll get some time to check out all the news on here shortly. Hope all is well with you guys & chat with you soon!
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Yay! You're all moved and now you can get settled! Sounds like it went alright as far as moves go and new apartments and everything.

Good to hear from you Shell! Keep us updated!
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So glad you're finally back Shell!
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I am glad to see you here again Shell! I know how difficult it can be moving, and I am glad that you survived!

Yay, glad to see you back!
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Glad everything went relatively smoothly! Glad the girls are getting snuggly!
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Glad to hear you survived the move and that you're back!
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Ditto what everyone said!
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I am so happy to see you back here . Glad for you that your move is over . I hate moving , I done it to often in my life . It's like a new beginning each time . Yea , you tell your manager off . Go get him/her . I would too , what a scare .
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Welcome back!

Where's Bud?
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Great to see you back!! Please take some pix of your new apartment and let us see it.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Welcome back!

Where's Bud?
Bud didn't come with me. He technically isn't my cat, he's my brothers. But I've always thought of him as one of my own...and I miss him lots! I cried like a baby when I said goodbye to him. You have no idea how hard I wanted to pack him up with the girls! Mom told me that he seems a little lost at home, but is doing good. I told her to really keep an eye on him because when he gets stressed he won't eat. Since he's a very big boy, it could really do some damage to his system quite rapidly. But I guess he's doing ok. I plan on coming back home at the end of this week so at least I'll get to see him then. I just miss that little turd!

Hope, once I get all my furniture put together I'll take some pic's & post them. I did get 2 shots last night of Tiki sprawled out on the new couch. She's definitely picked the couch as her fave sleeping place!
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Welcome back Shell!!!
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Thanks Everyone! It feels great to be back!

Here's a pic from last's not very good quality because the lighting is pretty poor at night. But ya get the idea!
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And the last one from last night....
I'll post more soon!
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Aww sorry about Bud Shell

Maybe your mom should get him a little buddy
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I tried convincing her of that, but she said no more animals. She claims that Bud always played with our dog before I moved back home with Echo. So, we'll see if that happens again. If not, I just might have to surprise them with a little bundle of fur! I know where I got my compassion for animals from...they can't say no either! LOL!
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Welcome back Shell! Glad the moving went ok and the kitties are doing well. Will you take more pictures of your apartment too? I'd love to see it!
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Hey Shell! Glad you got everything almost squared away! How far do you live from your last home? I take it you also got the loan you needed!! Have fun unpacking and being a carpenter!!
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Thanks Guys! I promise to take more pictures once I get everything put away & built!

Yes, I got the problems at all...except I needed a cosigner. Since I was moving almost 80 miles away from home, they thought that was the best. Dad wasn't happy about that, but that's the breaks I guess.

As for the unpacking, I've got almost everything unpacked. It's just putting it where it needs to go! I didn't realize that I had so many clothes! I had 5 huge rubbermaid totes full of just WINTER clothes! I had 3 huge boxes full of summer clothes & lots of clothes that I didn't even take off the hangers! Thank God for a huge walk in closet! So, now my priority is getting my clothes hung up & put in my dresser...when I get that built!

All I can say is...THANK GOD FOR VACATION!
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Atleast you aren't too too far from coming home when you need to. 80 miles isn't bad at all!
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Shell glad that you are back online again Good to hear that the move when well and the cats are setteling in and okay.
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Glad that you survived the move.
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Welcome back Shell!
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Thank you!
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Shell - I am glad you survived the big move!!! You were missed! I still can't believe the painter walked into your apartment—that would have scared the #$@# out of me, too! I can't wait to see pictures of your apartment, Shell! (Did you ever make it to Pier One?)

{{{{{{Bud}}}}}} I love that big boy...

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I'm going to take some pic's today. Everything is set up except for my dresser & night stand, so I can take pic's of everything else.

I haven't made it to Pier One yet, but it's on my plans for today. I really need to get wall hangings for the place & a nice rug to cover my Road Runner cable.

As for my Bud, I miss that little guy! Last night I called home to check in with everyone. Mom said Bud acts like he's lost with out us. She put the phone to his ear while I was talking to him & the poor guy went nuts. She said he'd listen for a while & then he'd run to my bedroom door looking at it so pathetic. At least I'll get to see him tomorrow or Saturday. I thought I better come home for day this week since I start work next week.

I'll post some pic's later today for you guys! I promise!
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