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Everything is On Strike here in Los Angeles

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First the clerks of the majority of the grocery stores went on Strike, so that it's hard to find a place to go get groceries without crossing picket lines. Then early this morning, all transportation, (buses, Metro trains ect) have gone on strike, causing traffic problems as well as a lot of stranded commuters. In a city like Los Angeles, we sure don't need any more traffic jams. Plus there are people that I work with who don't have cars, and they can't make it to work. Just another day in L.A.
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Personally - I work in a unionized environment, but most unions don't use strikes effectively. If everything shuts down at once then the employers have to listen.
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Why is everyone on strike?
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Only in Los Angeles.

Only the union grocery people are striking here. But we do have a couple of non-union stores.

Not a problem with transportaion yet here.

Hopefully the strike ends soon because its hurting EVERYONE involved. (Feel free to delete if need be).
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If this isn't enough, the LA County Sheriff's are on the verge of going on Strike. Oddly enough, all of them are not getting the health benefits they want.
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Only the groceries are on strike down here too, but I just heard that the unions are suing Ralphs and Albertsons because they locked out their employees in response to the Vons strike. I thought they were striking at all the big stores.

Personally, we go to Costco or Henry's.
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We don't have Henry's up here. How much does it cost to join Costco? I'm a Ralph's shopper myself, so to avoid the picket lines, I went to Food 4 Less. I know it's connected to Ralph's but they aren't on strike at Food 4 Less.

Now, the LA County Sheriff's are about to go on strike. Today they had a big sick out. This city is gonna fall apart!
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Jay Leno poked fun at them striking last night. He said no one could understand their signs since it was all 'barcodes'

Costco here is about $40 I think. We're with Sam's Cub for the diapers and baby wipes and green giant onions.
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Costco should only be $40 for the year, Hope. It was that here in SD and in Chicago.

Now I hear the teamsters are planning on going on strike. On the way home Roger Hedgecock had a striker on the radio and she was the rudest person I'd ever heard. He asked her where it said they would lose all their Vision and Dental with the new contract and she told him in the snottiest voice that it doesn't say that, they just understand it and that she didn't want to hear anything more negative from him and for him to stop talking. Uh, excuse me? It's HIS show, lady!
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