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I almost killed myself, last night.....

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Well, maybe not literally, but I did almost cause myself some serious injury. I'm such a clutz!

Last night I took my dog out for his nightly potty walk, before I headed for work. He did all of his business like a good boy, and everything seemed to be going quite well. As I opened the door to come back into the apartment, my little Simba was right by the door, and he shot out of the apartment like a bat out of hell! I shot after him, as fast as I could move, with a 25 pound backpack on my back, running up a short flight of stairs to where he was blocked by the back door of the apartment building from getting outside.

I kind of threw myself down and tried to grab him, but all I could do was hold him down while my pitiful, clumsy body began teetering out of control. The hand I was holding him down with, flew up, and my body rolled down the stairs. How utterly humiliating! Thank God, I didn't close the door to my apartment, because Simba ran back into the apartment, while I collected myself and lumbered back into my apartment.

After it was all over, all I could do, was sit down in a chair and shake, and cry.
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OMG - are you ok? Did you go to the Doctor? Try a warm bath - that may help with the aches and pains!
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Definatly take a tylenol as well.
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Yikes! Are you okay????? I agree with Ady and Theresa on getting yourself checked and take a tylenol!
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HOPE!!!!!!! I hope you're okay!

Sending thoughts and prayers to you my friend!

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Aaagghhh! Thank goodness you didn't get serious injuries **Hug** My heart was pounding just reading your post....whew. Yeah, what the others said about aspirin, maybe a heat pack?

Mine come to greet me at the door too, they haven't tried anything yet, but I always open the door slowly and stick my foot/leg in the gap to head off any little terrors. (Watch they're going to try this now just cause I wrote it )
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omg Hope!! I hope you are ok. God the things we do for our cats.. I swear I would have probly done the same thing!!
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Oh Hope, I'm so glad your not seriously hurt!
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OMG how awfull . I am sure you were a nerves wreck , I know I would have . I hope you are ok .Let us know how you doing ((((HUG))))
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Glad you didn't hurt yourself too bad!

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I didn't hurt myself too much, only my pride, because some people were coming into the front of the building at the same time I had my fall.

I'm a little achey but I was able to go to work last night.
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Hope , I am glad you are OK
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Geez Hope! I'm so glad you're not seriously hurt.
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I hope you're okay. A warm bath is good after the fact to help ease up the joints.
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I'm glad that you're OK but, you know that the cat was laughing his @$$ off. They love it, when we make fools of ourselves.
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I'm glad you're ok.
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