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5 days or so since number 2

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please don't blame me for asking something that has been asked before, but the search results unfortunately weren't satisfactory. 

the 6 months old female cat of a friend of mine hasn't been for nr. 2 for around 5 days. nr. 1 is as frequent as usual, she seems to feel fine all around being as active and playful as always. now he starts to worry.  is it sometimes that occures from time to time or shoud he go to the vet with her? i am aware that raw feeding leads to less elimination but never thought, that 5 days would be possible. my own cats stretch it to 3 days at most. 
she is on raw meat since he got her three months ago. 
thanks a lot. 
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In my experience, 5 days is not normal. Raw fed cats can go 2-3 dats between poops, but 5 days seems to a really long time to me. What is this cat being fed? If raw bone is being used, it could be a cause of constipation. I would recommend a vet visit.
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yeah.gif If the food is high in bone, it can cause constipation. 5 days is, IMO, too long. She may need an enema at this point - unless she's eliminated somewhere outside of the litter box, and it really hasn't been 5 days? dontknow.gif If he's sure she hasn't gone, I think a vet visit is in order too.
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I agree; 5 days is too long.
Ritz poops about three or four times a week (I fed frankenprey, about 7% bone). Her poop is small, sometimes tiny.
How is her behavior?
The enema will work almost immediately (put newspaper down on the floor of the cat carrier).
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from my experience 5 days were a long stretch, too. she is being toilet trained, so i a assumed, she might have held back. funny thing, she did it shortly after i asked this question. but i wanted to hear oppinions form the experts on the subject. thanks a lot. i'll tell him to keep monitoring the frequency.  

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