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I heard back from the humane society

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I joined up volunteermatch, thanks to coco maui and this morning I got an email from the Humane Society - I am happy to get this opportunity.

Dear Kellye,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Asheville Humane Society. We have many different volunteer opportunities, from cage cleaning and animal socialization to visits at assisted living facilities with dogs; from remote pet adoption events to data entry on the computer, and more.

Volunteer orientation is a two-part prerequisite to volunteering. Part one is held at the administrative office at 180 Merrimon Avenue. Part two is held at the Animal Shelter at 72 Lee's Creek Road, and each part is held every Wednesday at 4:00. If you would like a volunteer application, or need directions, you can download either from our website at www.ashevillehumane.org. Or if you would prefer, I'll mail them to you by US Postal Service or, you can come to part one of orientation a little early and fill one out before we begin. If Wednesday at 4:00 is a bad time for you, other arrangements can be made for orientation, but not on weekends at this time.

Thanks again for your interest in volunteering. We are always in need of more volunteers, because the animals love to be visited and the attention makes them more suitable for adoption!
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How exciting! When are you going to start?
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Looks like I have to fill out an application first, so I will download it.
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Are you going to go tomorrow for the orientation?
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I am going to have to ask them for one on one orientation because I don't want to make them pay for an interpreter, there are better ways to use the money, so I am mailing in my application and putting in a note to ask for one on one orientation. How does that sound?
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That sounds like a good plan - I am sure that they will accomodate you!
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I am sure of it too, I have sealed the envelope and will mail it off today! Yay!
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That's so cool! I know you'll enjoy this.
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That is awesome! I'm thinking of doing something like that here
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Great job Kellye!
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