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Advice please! My cat is poorly!

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I have a big fat fluffy boy cat who is 7 and a half. He is an absolute nightmare when I am in the kitchen, tripping me up, pinching my food, trying to climb in the fridge, etc etc. Recently though he has suddenly gone right off food, wont even try the things he used to go crazy for. He has dropped from 15 pounds to 10 and is quite boney. He tries to eat but stops after a few mouthfuls. I cant feel any obvious lumps or bumps and his gums are usual colour. He has poo'd but cant find where he has been to see if its runny or normal but he does smell when he comes back in. Hes drinking water but im worried something is up.

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I'm sorry your cat is doing poorly.
Were I you, I'd take him to the vets immediately. The loss in weight is significant, and can lead to fatty liver disease (fatal if not caught soon enough).
ANY change of behavior is a sign that something is wrong, may not be serious, but something is wrong. Cats are infamous for hiding pain, one of their ways is (depending on the cat) becoming more/less affectionate, hiding, not eating.
Check back and let us know how the vet visit goes.
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ive rung a couple of vets and theyre happy to see him tomorrow or day after as they dont think it is an emergency... i must admit he is improving slightly it just caused me major stress not knowing! 

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I second a vet visit ASAP. It sounds like either nausea or pain is preventing him from eating. As Ritz mentioned, the weight loss is alarming and could lead to secondary problems like fatty liver disease.
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thankfully ive found a vet who will see him at 5pm today :clap: so fingers crossed!

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Ritz - Ive just noticed your picture, my cat looks just like yours! He is mega fluffy but has the same black and white markings! 

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update! my cat was very brave and it turns out he had a hidden abcess which had popped hence his whiff. He was on the mend and has been given antibiotics and pain relief! yayy!!

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