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Anyone seen "The Pledge?"

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Has anyone seen "The Pledge" with Jack Nicholson. I watched it last night and I can't decide if I liked it, or not. I have never been indecisive about a movie before. Usually it's yes, no, or alright. To me it wasn't just alright. Part of me really liked it but part of me didn't!
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Was that the movie where the little girls were getting murdered, and Jack promised the mother he'd find her daughter's killer. And then he basically went over the edge? If it is, I feel about the same way as you. I really didn't like the fact that he got involved with that really young woman because of her daughter (although I think he loved them both). The ending was very disturbing to me. Plus, Jack looked pretty darned bad.
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That's the one!! And I didn't like the ending either. I liked the story but it just dragged in some parts. And he did look bad. I was thinking the whole time "where's his wife?"
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I think he was divorced, but I can't remember for sure. My husband always makes me watch these movies, but I prefer happier movies. I mean, he ends up all alone, drinking himself into oblivion because he thought he was wrong about something that he was actually right about. Ug.
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I know. Disappointing, huh?
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I rented this movie a few weeks ago, because it looked good, but I never got around to watching it. Now I'm kinda glad I didn't.
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I have The Pledge sitting in my dvd player right now.
Scott and I watched it Saturday night, and I'm not sure how I feel about it?
I plan to watch it again either tonight or Thursday, it doesn't have to be back until Thursday
Yes, Jack looks awful, but I think that added to his role...stress and booze will do that to ya! :laughing2:

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Yes, it does match his role. But I think he's also just getting pretty darned old. How old is he anyway? (Even when he was young, I never thought of him as attractive.)
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