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Kitty Anxiety

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I moved home with my parents at the end of July and brought home my year old bengal Toby. Already at home were my other cat Howard and my sisters cat Sasha. I did the introductions gradually, but Sasha wanted no part of it. Things took time between the boys, but gradually they warmed to each other.
Sasha is another story. It has been three months now and she has not calmed down at all. In fact she seems to have heightened anxiety. She has always been a bit moody, the type to attack you after being pet for too long. When Toby walks by she hisses and often takes a swipe. This has gotten *slightly* better as now she only hisses when he's in a three or four foot radius vs when at first she did it every time he entered the room. However, now she has become very nervous and frightened in that whenever someone approaches her (human or cat) from behind, or startles her she will turn and hiss. Sometimes there will be no other cats in the room and you'll be petting her and she'll go from purring to growling. Attacks aren't regular but not unheard of.
Toby of course doesn't help matters. He is a bengal after all and is very curious about her and probably wonders what's her issue. He knows to circle wide around her, but when she's sleeping he often sneaks up quietly to look at her and often sleeps a couple of feet away from her on the same couch.
Sasha gets along quite well with Howard except of course when comes up from behind.
The whole family has to be careful about how we approach Sasha now as she is so on edge. She seems to have an anxiety disorder! So what do you think? Well Feliway I guess...how much does this run for? And would it really calm such deep seated fears? This isn't my cat, but she's effecting the quality of life of my cats so I'd like to settle this problem for one and all.
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Feliway does work pretty well! The plug in runs around $20-25 with refills from $11-16. The best prices I've found are at
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Feliway's actually a little more than that in canada. I buy mine at pet smart, and it costs about $45-$50, and refills are $30.
Its expensive... but it works.
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