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Hey Anne,

How are you feeling now???
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I'm sure she's resting
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I honestly was about to post an update thread

So far so good,. I'm lying in bed all day long (and all night as well). I have the laptop so I'm doing some work as well - but I try to cut down on laptop time as I have to work with it right on my big belly... and the baby doesn't seem to approve (at least I think that's what all the kicking is about )

Hubby's parents returned from their trip to India yesterday, so life now is much easier for hubby. I was worried about him. He got totally exhausted from taking care of the house, little Ron and me. He's still not feeling well - we don't know when he ever will But now with his parents back, he can rest more while they take care of Ron (as well as of our meals and laundary).

So now we're getting ready for the delivery room - preparing everything we'll need. As the cervix is already effaced and partially dialated, if contractions start again, we won't have a lot of time to get ready.

Other than that, what we need to decide upon is a name for the baby Right now we want either Guy or Dan. We're looking for something that'll sound good in both Hebrew and English and those too do. We also want a one syllable name as our Hebrew family name is long (Mossenzon). What do you guys think? Guy or Dan?
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I vote Dan.

Maybe if you got one of those bed tray things big enough to stretch over Guy/Dan he wouldn't get quite so upset. I know when I was pregnant with the twins they were extremely picky about how I slept, if I didn't lay the right way I didn't get to sleep. LOL
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Why don't you ask the baby. If he kicks alot he doesn't like it, if he is content then he does. If that doesn't work I vote for Dan as well.
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I'm glad to read that you are feeling better. I vote for Dan as well.
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I'm so glad you're okay, I have been so worried about you!

I like the name Dan But guy is cute as well.
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Glad to hear you're resting up Anne.

And I think I'd vote for Dan as well... Daniel is one of the names I'd consider for a son if I ever have a human baby.
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Glad to hear you're doing well, Anne! The baby is so anxious to come out, maybe he's kicking 'cause he wants a crack at the laptop too?
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Glad to here you're doing well Anne.

I like the name Dan too.

Take it easy Anne. WE're all thinking about you here...
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I like Dan!
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I am so glad you are getting better, I have been thinking about you, hoping you were getting better. How many weeks pregnant are you now?

I also vote for Dan.

Take care!
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I'm so glad you are feeling better now... I vote for Dan.. it sounds nice...
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Another vote for Dan! Want me to post a poll?
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Wow! Dan sure seems to be a popular name! I think maybe Guy is more of a British name?

Had a bit of a scare tonight - I noticed a decrease in fetal movement last night that lasted for hours on end. Even when I ate some chocolate and laid on my left side, I couldn't feel movements. The only way to product movements was by actually poking the baby. I called the hospital at 4 AM and they said to come over. So I spent the early morning hours at the hospital, hooked up to the monitor
It took them two hours (including a major ultra-sound scan) to tell me that they don't see anything wrong with the baby and release me homw... Now I just feel like some histerical mom At lease I got some time off my bed rest Tomorrow I have to go to the doctor again for another check-up following today's ordeal at the hospital - they want to make sure everything's ok.

By the way, gestational age is 33 weeks and 6 days. for some reason, I can't wait to have this baby. I so hope this will be a vaginal birth and not another c-section! I'd really anticipating a proper birth and plan on trying it the natural way.

Thanks for the concern again everyone!
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Wow - juniour sure is trying to scare you. Hopefully a misbehaving fetus means a well behaved baby. Hopefully everything goes well at the doctors.
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Good luck on the vaginal birth! I know myself how it is to want one and to be told nope. Just remember that what really matters is you and Dan/Guy coming home OK. LOL I'm gonna have to post my pregnancy pic to give you a chuckle..I look like a cartoon of a pregnant lady.
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I agree... Good luck with the vaginal birth Anne!

Hopefully everything goes well at your doctors appointment.

Take care.

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Hope you are doing well as your cats, and hubby. How do your cats act towards you, while you're pregnant? And you already have a little son? How do they like your child?
As far as names go for your soon to be baby, I'd have to vote for Dan, since my husband is named Dan
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Oh Anne, I sure hope this little guy is less trouble once he's entered the outside world!!!!!! I'd have been scared too. Sorry - but I think it's good you're being the "hysterical" mom. Better safe than sorry, right?

Anne - Guy is definitely more British than American. I've only met one "Guy" in my life. Hate to throw an alternative into the loop here, but what about Ben? Doesn't that work in Hebrew too?

Guy sounds "funny" to my U.S. ears. I like Dan. Or Ben, LOL!
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That's so right about the English thing!! I was reading through this thread and immediately I gravitated towards Guy, I especially like the French pronunciation (sp) - Ghee.

I do like the name Daniel, but I'm not sure about the abbreviation Dan, it sounds kind of hard and non-melodic.

I'm very happy things are a little easier now Anne. Hang on as long as you can, each extra day gives your little one more ammunition to cope with the outside world.

Look after yourself!!!!
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I am with Yola here. I like the french pronounciation too.

Anne, I hope you are still staying in bed, with your laptop, or should I call it your bellytop?
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