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Pumpkin update

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Sunday morning when I went downstairs to give Pumpkin her food and water, Pumpking limped over to the bottom of the stairs. Apparently, something happened to her leg over night. She continued to hold up her right leg and not put any weight on it all day Sunday. Today I took her to the vet just to be sure she didn't break anything.

Lo and behold, Pumpkin began walking on her right leg but hobbling a bit at the vet's office. She's beginning to use the right leg now and appears better, but I'm supposed to watch her until Wednesday, and if she desn't improve or gets worse, I have to take her in for an x-ray. The vet didn't think anything was broken because she didn't seem to be in much pain, but she flinched a bit while he checked her leg. She's already doing better with her leg. As she's staying in the basement, my son told me that Pumpkin's been jumping on top of the TV cabinet, then onto the cinder blocks and walking on top of them at ceiling height. It's possible she hurt her leg this way and perhaps the basement isn't too great of a place for her. The vet said that I don't have to keep her in quarantine, as she tested negative for FeLV/FIV, and to introduce her to the two other kittens when her leg is healed.
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I just see this thread . I hope Pumpkin will do better and there is nothing wrong with her . Yes maybe it is time to meet the rest of your babies . I wish you luck in that as well .Keep us posted please how she does .
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Maggie the feral cat we just took in had a similar problem before we captured her. We saw her limping one day not putting any weight on her front leg. We thought it might have been broken. The next day she limped less & the next was back to normal. She used to walk on fences so I think she fell & just sprained her leg. Hopefully thats the case here too.
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She's been running at full throttle today, no problems whatsoever! And she's back to her kneading, which is cute.

I've yet to introduce her to the kitten sisters, Cindy and Lucy, and this could be interesting, as Pumpkin likes to hiss at times.

When I check in on her at night, she'll play this game where she'll hide, then when you come to find her, she spots you, makes a funny little noise, then leaps and darts somewhere else. It's like hide-and-go kitty seek.

Methinks I'm feeding these kittens too much good food. They seem to be bigger and stronger (Cindy's able to move a brick doorstop with a 2 lb. weight on it) and I apologize for not updating my website, as I'm so very busy, I'm lucky to get on the computer. But the kittens have changed so much. Cindy's the strong, heavier kitten and Lucy's the sleeker, lighter, quicker, more agile one.

Thanks for your concerns. Everything's better with Pumpkin!

Speaking of fences, it's possible that Pumpkin might have slipped and fallen off of the basement cinder blocks she likes to walk across. She might have also tried to hang on with her paws and pulled or twisted a muscle in her right leg. I went over the basement Sunday and kitten-proofed it even more.
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