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Meet Pixie!

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We have a new family member!! After much deliberation, we adopted a little girl from a local shelter last week. She's about 2 months old, and she weighs 2.1 lbs.

She's been in "kitty jail" (our guest room) and will be released on Wednesday . Just horrible - it's got loads of toys and a heating pad basket bed, with the best spots for sun rays. Worse, she's had to wear a lampshade because she's chewing her spayed area. But none of it is stopping her: she's a tiny holy terror! She's a non-stop playing machine, so I haven't been able to get many unblurred shots. She's already clambered straight up from the floor to my head via my legs/back/hair several times. Clambered up the vet's head too at her checkup.

In addition to Pixie, hubby has already nicknamed her 'Squeaky'. She has the cutest meow (she loves to talk) and already she has an even louder purr than Mozart.

I'd like to especially thank Pamela and Sicy for letting me bend their ear so many times on this decision.

My closeup! I also have a big black patch right under my chin that you can't see.

Give me that camera!! Maybe if I use my feet too.....

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She sounds like a relative of my new kitten Osiris, who has 2 speeds: full speed ahead, and fast asleep

May you have many happy, healthy years together!!!
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Oh, my gosh!!! How adorable is she??? How precious! Congratulations on your new baby. It reminds me of a time, about 7 months ago, when we adopted Charm. Be sure to take LOTS of photo's - they grow up so fast to become the beautiful creatures they are.

Have tons of fun with your new cutie!!!
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She is so lovely You are going to go crazy having a kitten around They are so dang energetic and naughty!!!
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what a cutie patootie! Looks like a cat a friend of mine had in Calgary, her name was Wasabi! LOL.

All of her pictures are so sweet. She looked so scared and helpless in the shelter pictures, no wonder you were smitten with her.
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She's adorable!
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Thanks, guys! It's only been a week, and we already are so crazy about her. Sue, she must be related to Osiris. We're lucky we went thru 3 other kittenhoods, so we're braced for the damage.

Sandi, you're absolutely right! We'd forgotten how tiny they are. And training all over again....no cords; no, feet and hands are not your personal play toys, learning name, etc.
Lots of "No, no, no, nooooooo, good girl" - wonder what passing neighbors think?

It was a difficult decision, as we wanted to save an older kitty, but for our existing household we felt better integrating a kitten. It was truly heartbreaking seeing the poor souls at the shelters.
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superkitty, I know what you mean about wanting to adopt an older 'unadoptable' kitty but having to think of your feline family at home first. thats what I wanted to do, adopt an older kitty, but with amber to worry about, I will opt for an older kitten instead. male. (I am a little anxious at that, never having had a boy before and all). Pixie is just as cute as a pixie! show the chin!!
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She is a lucky little girl to have you as her family. She is just the sweetest!
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Pixie looks sooo cute!!!!!! I'm really glad to hear that she's doing so great! Can't wait to hear about ur adventures with her as u introduce her to the rest of ur feline family!

Sounds like ur hubby fell for her and has stopped "sighing about adding another cat" to ur family!

Hey, it was a real pleasure to listen to u and I am looking forward to many more chats!!

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OMG she is a cutie girl . The pictures are great , she really sounds like fun to me . I sure wanted to see how she was climbing the vet it must have been funny .
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She looks like such a sweetie. I love her patches of orange in there.
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AWWWWW. She's a cutie pie!!!!!
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Raquel, boys are the greatest! They are such cuddlebugs, you will not believe. Can't wait to see yours!

Pamela, yup, just like we thought, hubby fell in love with Pixie the minute he saw her!

When she took off up the vet's arm to his back then around the top of his head, yup, the look on his face was priceless

Well, this morning I decided to try some introductions, and everything went very well! Just the usual hissing and growling by Kayla, but the boys were just ready to play with her....what troopers.

Here's some pics:

Meeting Ginza

Meeting Mozart

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Then before you knew it, she'd hopped out of kitty jail. She saw the big guys' litter boxes, so decided to use that right in front of all 3 staring kitties

Then she shot across the hall, and down the stairs like she'd always been here!

More pics:

Right down the stairs, followed by a growling Kayla and a curious Mozart

Since it was time for breakfast, I decided to feed them all together. Kayla just wouldn't have anything to do with it, and stood apart staring, but not growling.

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omg I love the pics!!!!!!!!! Looks like its going well! I am so happy for you!
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I'm so glad you finally let the poor baby out of jail! It sounded like such a horrible place to be! Looks like everything is going pretty well. I can't wait for my two new additions!
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SUPERKITTY! The pics are sooo adorable!!!! It's awesome that the boys are taking to her so quickly. I'm sure that Kayla will like her after a while. Can tell that Pixie is FULL of spirit and likes to explore! That's great and I can't wait to hear more of ur adventures with her and the rest of ur feline/human family!

Whenever I take my cats to the vet, both Buddy and Pepper would always try to climb up my body and try to hide on my neck. Several times, the vet would have to pry them off my shoulders so she could examine them so it's really funny. I'm sure it's a lot funnier seeing a cat climb up the vet!!!

I think I must've missed u being online tonite cuz I got on around 6ish my time and it's now 8:34 pm.. I will try to catch u tmr nite earlier then we can catch up on news!

The pics are CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing with us!
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Wow, your pictures are Great!! Pixie is such a cutie pie....
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it sound like that the hole family is enjoying her . Great pics of her and the other cats . I love it and she is so beautiful
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Oh! Pixie is SUPER!
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Those are really cute pictures of Ginza and Mozart meeting Pixie and I like the one on the stairs. That was a cute shot of them eating together too. Too bad Kayla refused to join in. Snobby kitty...
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those pictures are too precious! especially the first two. that is great that there isnt really bad hissing or anything toward Pixie. they seem to like her!
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Sicycat wrote:
They are so dang energetic and naughty!!!

I couldn't stop laughing...you are soooo right. That's why kittens are so cute! To make up for how naughty they can be at times.
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She is just a heartbreaker - no wonder Mozart is in love with her already!
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Thanks, everyone!

Today was her first full day out of 'jail', and she has the run of most of the house. They ate together again in the morning, and Kayla got in 3 bites before she remembered herself and started growling again.

So far it's been 7 hours straight already for this nonstop play machine, and she's still going, not a wink of sleep yet. Mozart's already play-wrestled with her several times.

Ginza has thumped her gently on the head to stop playing with his tail. Kayla thumped her on the head to stop playing with 'her' toys. Everyone is so tired now they're just looking at her as she attacks the playtoys by herself.
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LOL that is so cute!!! It seems like they play forever doesnt it! I thought Zoey and Saki would never go to sleep on that first day I let them out together Zoey is such a sweetie though, Saki plays with her toys, sleeps in her bed, poops in her litterbox, constantly tries to eat what she's eating and she just takes it in stride!! The only time she gets mad is when Saki plays with her tail she'll just sit there and grrrrrrrowl

They are so much fun when they're young arent they!!! More pics please!!!
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Second day yesterday for our furrfamily, and things are going so well! Kayla's already stopped hissing and growling, and even let Pixie close enough to get this pic!

One of Mozart and Pixie's many wrestling matches:

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She's already run amok in the household, and loves the cat tree too. Here she is playing under the supervision of the boys.

She tired them out so much they left the cat tree. Woohoo! I am now cat tree queen! I am small, but I will fill the throne soon enough!

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Finally, a clear shot of the spot under her chin!

That's all for now, enjoy!
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