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Sasha Picture

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Here is a pic of Sasha from about a month ago. I will take some more recent pics soon. He is growing so fast that he looks alot different now than in this pic.
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Sasha's a beautiful kitty.
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What a beautiful face! Yes, I agree, they grow up way too fast.
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Would you look at that eyeliner? what a beaut! He looks a lot like my Tigger. Very handsome boy, can't wait to see more pics.
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Sasha's beautiful! I love his muzzle!
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How old is Sasha? He's a cutie.
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what a cutie boy , he has grown too
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(that's for Sasha!)
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That is 1 handsome baby boy!
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Sasha is about 8 months old now. In the pic he was 7 months. I took some new pics today. I will post them once I get them onto my computer
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He is gorgeous. I wish I had natural eye liner like that!
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Sasha is a beautiful cat
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He sure is a cutie!!

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He's a Bangel isn't he? He looks a lot like my Simba who will be 6 mo old on Oct 25th. Only Simba is more ruddy or reddish in his coloring. Does your Sasha ever get "wild eyes"?
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Yep he is a marble bengal. His coat is mostly orangish brown and black.
He gets wild eyes sometimes. Something my other cats don't get. He also lets out the wildest chirping sounds. He is learning to meow though. He meowed 2 times today! He is learning from the other cats I guess.
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Here are two new pics of Sasha that I took on Monday! These show his coloring better.
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Sasha is one handsome little guy! I love his markings.
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he is georgeous!!!
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What a beautiful cat!
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awwwww what a beauty
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Sasha's face and coloring sure look a lot like my Simba's, but Simba is a spotted not a marbled. Simba will be 6 months old on Oct 25th. He still is kind of small, though. Not the size of a full grown cat. Aren't they supposed to be almost the size of a full grown at 6 months?

Also, Simba does seem to have some of that gold glittering when he's in the sunlight. Does Sasha?
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From what I was told, Bengals continue to grow until they are 2 years old. Shash gets bigger by the day, only his head is really small compared to his body, like a wild cat's head.
Sasha has alot of the shimmery fur called "glitter". Bengals are the only cat breed that have glitter according to the websites that I have read.
Do you have any recent pics of Simba?
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On this thread:

There are some pictures from last weekend of Simba with my other cats. There are 3 pictures with Simba. They aren't close ups of him, but you well get the general size of him. He's playing with my one HUGE Siamese cat. Go down to the third picture with all three cats and you'll get a better idea of Simba's size.
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OMG he is soo cute! I love his spots His colorings are similiar to Sasha's. They both have the orangish glitter on them. He looks to be about the size that Sasha was when he was 6 months old. Take alot of pics because they get big so fast! I would love to see more pics.
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Sasha looks really nice. I like his coat too.
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