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black light

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my sister has a cat that she thinks has peed on the carpet, her cat stanley buried a place and it smelled some, pretty sure its pee, she caught her going to pee on the carpet before but she yelled and she didnt do it, she has been to the vet and is okay health wise its a behavior problem, she is trying different things and she is doing good now, but to get to my question... we bought a black light, the tube type to see if we could locate spots and we couldnt see anything , the carpet is a light brown and it just lighted it all up and showed where the dust was it didnt show up no urine spots and we are pretty sure they are there, what are we doing wrong?
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What a coincidence! I just pulled out my old tube black-light (from the 60's) and was trying to locate a spot near my couch tonight and had the same problem. (Can smell it but can't isolate it) I'll eagerly wait with you for replys!!
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I remember someone else talking about this a while back.Here is the link to this thread.Maybe it will help.

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