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Where did they come from ???

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My cat Pau Sau, my 6yr old Snow Bengal ( the one who has Lymphoma ) had his tummy completely shaved for his biopsy on his liver, intestines, etc. Prior to that he had a beautiful brown spotted tummy on a pale cream colour. When he came back from the vet, all his spots were gone, to reveal a warm pink, naked, and distinctly unspotty tummy. Not even a shadow of a hint of spots. It was so sad, and incredably pink !

Now his hairs are coming back. And so are his spots ! Where are they coming from ??? Right now, they look like pale dirty smudges, but they are definately spots coming back ! Of course, they all need daily kisses to encourage them, ( although Pau Sau himself remains unamused ! ) but seriously guys...where are they coming from ???

Thanks in advance.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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i dont really know i guess its in their genes maybe?
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How is Pau Sau doing? I must have missed an update?
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No clue here either! How's the little one doing?
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That's the way Toes' stripes are, sometimes it's because they have a double coat and the color is actually on the tips of the fur. I miss Toes' beautiful little peachy stripes whenever he gets shaved (due to hot weather and matts).
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Maybe its in the hair follicles - cant see them on the skin but inside?
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Pau Sau is still being sick and has a runny tummy but he has perked up in
himself since the biopsy.

On Thursday last week we went and saw Richard Allport, a leading british
Homeopathic practioner, who is very well known throughout the world
apparently ( I'd not heard of him !) who is also a qualified vet. He put
Pauie on various potions and Homeopathic drugs, and I left feeling a little
better in myself, that I was actually doing something productive for my
little boy.

At the moment, Pauie has quite a large food baby, and is loving all the
attention. Over the past few days I have bonded so hard with him, and know
that when his time comes, I will be hurt all the more...but what else can
you do !?!

The Cancer will kill him eventually. There is no doubt. All we
can do is try to help him now, while he still has the fight in him, and
cherish every single moment we have together...including the times the
cheeky little monkey, nicks my dinner right off my plate !!!

I am absolutely fascinated by this 'now you don't see them,
now you do' spotty tummy thing, though...I must start taking piccies...if
someone would have told me that he'd grow his spots back, I'd never have
believed them !

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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