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Birthing help!?

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Hiya all,
Im new to the site, so 'Hi'

Well, our persian cat- Fleur is in her 61st day of pregnancy today. And i'm having last minuite nerves! Her pregency wasnt planned. She started calling on a day when we were out and when we returned we found her with two tom cats keeping her company! My real worrying point is that with the two cats being of different breeds, could this make the birth more difficult? The cats in question werent big cats just your average moggy size. Fleur is a very healthy 1 1/2 year old.
I just want everything to go perfectly smoothly, and im a big worrier anyway! Any tips and advice on the birth and looking after the kittys afterwards would be veru helpfull- I really feel i need to soak up all the info i can to help Fleur. Also, do i need to be getting up in the night and checking on her as from tomorrow? She sleeps downstairs at the moment.
Tips on how to tell when birth is iminant would be very helpful too.
Just anything youve fould usefull in the past, tell me!

Many Thanks!
Laura & Fleur
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Well, I think the first thing you should be looking for is for her to be very restless. Provide her with a place to "nest", a tubberware container that could be used for wrapping paper is good, nothing to high though. Put a blanket in there so she can dig around, and put it somewhere quiet and warm where she wont feel threatenned.
Birth can occur between now and the 69-70th day, so it is really important to moniter her, that way you can see when she's "off" her norm. Somtime it won't be until just before she gives birth. When the birth does occur, you want to be there to make sure that she cleans them off when they come out. Generally the mom will clean the face off and then the rest of the body and somewhere during or after cleaning she will deliver the afterbirth and will chew the cord separating the kitten from the placenta. If all goes as planned this is how it will continue.

If she delivers to fast to take of the kittens when they come out, then you would have to clean the face, and perhaps use dental floss or thread to tie off the cord about a half inch from the kitten and cut the cord ON THE AFTERBIRTH SIDE of the knot.
Everything from there the mommy should do, and the kittens will the instinct to nurse.

I'm sure there are things that i've left out, but if you have ANY questions just ask.

On another note.

If you are going to keep letting her out after the kitten are born and weened, then please have her spayed.
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Well, just to give you an update- Fleur (the persian) had her kittens last night. All went well, everyones ok and she's now the proud mum of 6 kittens! Theyre all black and white except for one being all black. Theyre doing fine, and feel like warm sausages- as im told they should feel!

About having her spayed-
We bought Fleur as our first breeding cat. We made the mistake of going away and leaving her in the care of someone else. So, she wont be being spayed, and she will be going out after the kittens are weaned. I know all about unwanted litters, and fleurs kit's all have loving homes waiting for them.

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Originally posted by Feeelix!!
So, she wont be being spayed, and she will be going out after the kittens are weaned.
This concerns me, what do you mean by "she will be going out." Does this mean you just let her roam and breed? This is very unsafe and very irresponsible. If you want to breed cats you need to do it responsibly. There are many dangers outside and letting her breed with anyone is risking a lot of problems.
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