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Anyone on the patch? (BC method)

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Is anyone using the somewhat new form of BC - the Ortho Evra patch? If so, I'd appeciate any comments you have. Like it or hate it? Have any problems adjusting the first month or anything?

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Ditto!! Even though we are 'trying' for the second but at this rate, I might as well get on something. Even though since I've been off the 'pill' I'm a lot calmer and less moody (till I stub by toe or bump my hip or spill water or something klutzy then I'll start cursing up a storm)
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Was going to try it, wound up having the ultimate in BC done- a hysterectomy, instead !
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so sorry (((hugs)))
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Well thanks anyway gals. I actually started on the patch a few days ago and have been feeling really, really sick. I've been on and off various BC pills for 6 or so years and finally stopped completely about 6 months ago because I was so bad about remembering to take them that I was taking 2 every other day!! Now that has to be really bad for you! So I just stopped taking them altogether, but the past few months my period has been so unbearable that I needed to get back on some form of BC. So here I am with the patch and I'm just worried about how long it's going to take me to adjust. With the pill I was always fine from the first day. Hopefully this sickness will pass soon and it'll be fine.
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Go to Ivillage.com and go to their birth control forum. They are really helpful, and there are tons of women who are using the patch. If I remember correctly, nausea is one of the side effects while switching.
I take Mircette, and have had no problems.
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