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Hiya All!
Just introducing myself.
I'm Laura, I'm almost 18 (WOOHOO!!) We have 6 cats- A very old white moggy- Arabella, a Tabby moggy- Holly, A Ginger moggy- Duncan, A Young tabby with white socks and collar- Niles (My very special guy!) and his brother, a ginger and white- Neo. We also have a pedigree Persian cat called fleur. Shes due to have her first litter any day now!
I work with horses and have 5 of my own. We live on a farm so the cats have a great life. They have alsorts of secret hideouts!

Ok, so thats me! Hope to speak to you all soon!

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Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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welcome to the board!!!
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Welcome Laura! to TCS, our little home on the web. it certainly sounds like a zoo you have there. that's great!
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Welcome to this site
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Hello Laura and welcome to the site.

It sounds like you have quite the "Animal Farm" there! Sorry about that just couldn't resist. Hope to see pics of all of your animals soon. I just love the horse that you're sitting on.
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Hi Laura and welcome to TCS to you and your furry friends.
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Welcome to TCS Laura! Do you plan on becoming a persian breeder?
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Hi Laura,


The Kitties and I hope you enjoy it here.

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welcome aboard,
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Hi All!!!

Thanks for all your welcomes!
We do have quite a MASSIVE amount of animals! but its wonderful, because now we have tonnes of space for them all!
we have-
5 horses & liveries
1 goat
3 dogs
6 cats (& fleurs 6 kittys!!!= so thats 11!!! WOW!)
1 duck
12 chickens
6 ginuea pigs
3 fish

hmmm i think thats all!!! He he!

Well, fleur had her kittens last night and all went well. Shes being the perfect mum and is looking after them all really well.

Im tired out- and i have another night of kitten duty ahead of me!

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Hi Laura! nice to meet you.
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Congratulations on your new little furballs and welcome aboard!
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Congrats on the kittens - I'm glad everything went well! And welcome to the site!

That's a beautiful horse in your picture.
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