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Thinking ahead...

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OK, I know it's a tad bit early, but I have decided to take out about $500 for us to spend at Christmas...I am not sure if this is going to be too much or too little. I have my mom's side, my dad's side and my husband's family. Plus that includes what I get Zack and what he gets me! I really don't want much of anything this year except the next season of Friends Episodes! Which adds up to about 20 presents we will have to get. I have already bought the babies their presents, and I spent $25 (that's 2 things)...hopefully I am on the right track. If I can spend about $20 on each person...I can do just about right. What I was just curious of: about how much do you guys spend at Christmas? I don't know what is too much or too little. We are just trying to be really careful this Christmas...
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We plan on spending a right at a thousand every year. Between Jeff and I we have about 25 people to buy for, not counting each other or the kids(we've got 6 between us, 5 of which are in the Santa category). We also get something for at least 5 pets every year, they aren't all ours but we love them like they were. We try to keep it reasonable, but with so many people to buy for it can get sticky.
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Hmmmm well when I used to work and buy everyone that I knew (non-family related) but my in-laws and friends, it would average around $300. But now that we are broke and almost counting every penny we spend plus sending money back home to continue supporting my in-laws and some other families there, we are pretty limited. I've pretty much just cut all my 'friends' out because I figured that when I get more money, then I would get something for them. The $500 should cover everything, including the wrapping and if you have to mail them. Mail them though of course before the holidays, don't be one of those last minute customers that every postman despises LOL!

I really would like to get my hubby something unique and useful. I usually get him some cool looking shirts for work wear, or shades that he drools over wanting to buy or a cool office bag, or a watch, but now I want to get him something else. Hmmmm...this year I asked for him to get me a car before the end of the year, of course he laughed and said okay pretty quickly. Then I said 'not a freaking toy car, a real car that I can drive in with my son' and he laughed some more and said it was too late since I made the demand, so hopefully he won't get me a freaking toy car LOL. Or he has the other option of buying me Bulgaria's new perfume that I absolutely love Omnia. The last couple of years I always ask for flannel pajamas from VS(love them bits to pieces). Hmmmm...maybe I'll ask him to buy me the ones that's made by those cool people Nick and Nora?
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AWW...yes perfume! I have to ask for that this year. I haven't had a new scent in awhile....I love my VS flannel pajamas that I got last year. I can't wait until it gets cold enough to wear them though! Thankfully, our presents don't have to be shipped anywhere. All the families live within an hour of each other!! I think we will be fine with the $500 limit. Yippie! Hopefully, I can keep to that budget...lol
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I have a problem with Christmas time - I always spend WAY too much and then wind up broke in January. I love giving gifts and have been told I'm a great gift giver (I put a lot of thought and effort into getting things I think the recipent will enjoy). The thing is that I usually wind up in the poorhouse. I can drop a couple grand easily (not that I actually HAVE a couple grand to drop!), plus I have a TON of people to buy for! So, amybe I'm a bad person to respond to this. Ok. I'll shut up now.
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I love your quote by Motley Crue, one of my old favorite!!!

Yah, another flannel pajama momma LOL!! It's suppose to be cold usually in October or end of September, but at this rate who knows. Last holidays, was freaking 70s!
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I can get by, spending less than $500. I've spent $25 on my mom and I haven't figured out what to give my dad, yet. The babies will be easy - I've bought them a $5 toy, the outfits that I want to buy them are $25 each, the CZ earrings were $12 each and I'll get them each a stuffed toy.

I'm going to give the kids a check for $100. Bill is hard. I'm going to Speedway Racing Collectibles and get him some NASCAR stuff and he'll get another new shirt, from Western Warehouse. I had Kimward Photoshop some gag pix of Rowdy and Buddy. With a couple of nice frames, that will do.

Bill asked me what I want and I told him Photoshop Elements and a new Tombstone history book. He'll probably get me a piece of jewelry and chocolates, too.
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I make presents for my family and in-laws each year. Anything from calendars with everyone's b-days and anniversaries, to candles, floral arrangements, decorated baskets, etc. Since I have 4 siblings and my husband has 7, with about 35 nieces and nephews, it's impossible to buy for everyone. Both of my parents are deceased, as well as my father-in-law so we pamper my mother-in-law each year. She gets a vacation with us each year as a Christmas present. She is a widow, on fixed income and her husband never liked to travel - we are making up lost time for her. We've taken her to Hawaii, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas in the last few years. We've put her on a mule, on a hot-air balloon, on a sail-boat, on a parasail, on a helicopter, on a roller coaster, and at 73, she runs us ragged. I love that woman!

My husband and I exchange token gifts each year.
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John and I spend about $100 on each other, $50 on each parent, $40 for each grandparent (only 2 left), $15 for each other family member except the little kids - about $30 for them. It works out to about $515 for family and then I have 2 friends I buy for $20-30 each.
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I buy throughout the year so I'm not really sure how much I spend, although this year I've spent way over $20 on my sister because I'd already bought her jewelry and then I bought a $20 travel kit of some toiletries that I love. I try to look for stuff on sale throughout the year, though, for Christmas. I just got my Mom the perfect gift on sale for $6.
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Well I get a bonus every first week in December. My bonus usually runs $2,500.00, so I wait to buy my Christmas presents then. I only have to send out two (my Goddaughter Halley and her mom, my best friend Paula). My sister is who I spend the most on, because she does so much for me during the year, my father and brother-in-law. I only buy for a around 3-4 close friends. I will buy a gift for my boss (after all I have the Christmas money because of him). A gift of money for the Pastor of my church and his family. That's about it. It usually comes out to be $400-$500.
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