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Orange Tabbys

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Hi. I'm a new cat owner. I recently adopted a two-year old from the SPCA. He is an orange tabby named Nikko, and is simply the most mellow guy. I took him to a vet for a check-up and mentioned this to the doctor. He said that it is part of the orange tabby breed to be mellow and easy going, that they are known for being this way. Well, I am thrilled because Nikko is alone during the day and a couple of evenings each week, so it is best that I have a cat that does not need constant attention and stimulation. Also, he lets me clip his nails without any great hassle and hasn't made a big fuss when I've changed litter brands a few times to find the best brand. When I brought him home the first time, I didn't follow the SPCA's advice to keep him in closet or bathroom for a few days: he hopped out of his box, looked around a bit, then jumped on the bed and took a nap!

So, I'd like to hear from other orange tabby owners if they agree that the breed is very easy going. Anybody have a wild orange tabby that doesn't fit the description?

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I just adopted a 3 month old orange tabby two weeks ago. He is the sweetest little guy but he does not take any abuse from my other kitten who is 7 months old.

He was kinda shy the first week, but now he just wants to cuddle. I also have heard that the orange tabby is a good cat to have.

Good Luck with yours.

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Hi, I have had an orange tabby for 15 years now. She is the most laid back cat I have ever had but at the same time everything is on her terms. She will only let herself be petted or held when she wants to. I think she sleeps 23 out of 24 hours though.
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I also had a wonderful orange tabby male. He was great with the kids and let my daughter play baby with him. My vet also said this was characteristic of orange tabbys, especially males.

Unfortunately, I used to let my cats outside, and he was stolen. Needless to say, I never let my cats out now.
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I have 3 orange tabbys - Baby is 14 and the most gentle cat I have every had the pleasure to love.

Little Red (female) is about 8 now and was a feral kitten until she came to us (maybe 12-15 wks of age) and she is independent and wants only to be loved when SHE wants it - hates to be picked up - but we accept her the way she is and are grateful that she will let us care for her at all.

I just acquired another orange male. He is also a feral kitten but we got him at 10 weeks and he was sick. Now all better - he is another little doll who loves to cuddle and snuggle and appears very gentle.
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Since male cats are generally (and I am speaking generally and not trying to start a controversy here) more laid back and friendly (after all they don't have to have the kittens and take care of them), and genetically 95% of all domestic red mackerel tabbies are male, you can be pretty well be certain of getting a really nice, mellow, all around cat if you choose a male red tabby. However, beware, -while I have two awesome red males, I have a red female who is a witch and I am sure Donna, Sandie and Michele can attest to my Molly's less than perfect personality. You know what they say about female redheads~
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Hello and thanks for the replies. Seems that orange tabbys (males in particular) are generally pretty mellow. Nikko never complains no matter how often I pick him up or want to play with him. Although I do watch the signs on those rare occassions when he wants to be left alone: he jumps on the desk chair that is tucked under the desk for his safe space. I've spoken about him with some co-workers who have cats that can be rather mean and unfriendly at times, so I consider myself incredibly lucky that Nikko and I found each other. Any cat that lets me clip his toenails with absolutely no fuss is a prince in my book.

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