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Fleas and my 2 babies 9 & 5 weeks Sorry Long

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I got to kittens from a lady who owns a farm and was not taking care of them. She lets all these poor babies live in a wood shed with no back on there. The lady is one of my friends dad's sisters, My friends mom has begged her to fix these poor cats but she says they don’t do that on farms. My friends mom knew my boyfriend and I where looking at shelters to bring home 2 babies to spoil. So she told me about her sister in law and offered to have her husband bring me 2. Well I guess at one point there was purebred Siamese that lived on the farm and had kittens, and that cat is no longer on the farm the ladies daughter moved out and got smart and took the cat and had it fixed. Well there are no cats on the farm now that look like Siamese but I guess, occasionally a regular cat will have a Siamese looking kitten. I told the lady I would like to cats from the same litter that where older than 8 weeks. Well at that time one of the cats had 3 Siamese and a black on in her litter. I asked for the 2 females and her daughter took the other male. So they where able to catch the male and the female so my friends dad brought me one on Sept 21. We named her Angel and she had a bad eye infection, we took her to the vet the next day and they put her on, eye cream started with a Trysomthing and then come upper reparatory stuff Claromox and some ear drops, and flea stuff. At the vet they said she was only 6-8 weeks I was not happy but I was thrilled she never had to see a barn again. The next weekend we where supposed to drive 3 hours to get the other kitten Angels sister. Well the lady was avoiding my friend’s moms calls and then just said she did not have a chance to catch her. They catch them by throwing a big net, then they wonder why they all hide. Well so we agreed to meet on Friday to get the other kitten. Thursday rolls around and she tells us she can’t find the Angels sister so she will catch one for me. I was nervous about this one because I knew it was younger than angel was but the lady kept saying “oh yeah it is old enough to goâ€. So we made arrangements to go on Oct 3rd and get the other little one. When we got there and seen the kitten I almost broke down into tears she was so little and had so much crusty stuff around her eyes she could not open one of them. I knew there was no way she was as old as this lady was saying but there was no way I was sending her back home with her. We got her in the car and cleaned her eyes a little with a warm towel but did not want to stress her too much. The warm water seemed to make her more comfortable. Well along the car ride the kitten had the runs because the lady gave her milk. We where to far away to bring her right to the vet right away so we brought her home and washed her up. The poor thing was starving. She had a vet visit the next day and she had eye issues and a upper reparatory issue she was on Trysomething and the Claromox too. She also has fleas but due to the fact that she was only 3 or 4 weeks old she can’t get treated. I have no clue how this lady could have thought it was ok to send home such a young kitten is beyond me. We named our new baby Lucky.
We gave lucky all her meds and her eyes are beautiful now, but she does sneeze still so we went back to the vet.
Angels Fleas seemed to be gone I brush her all the time, and do not see any. Lucky had fleas on her I would brush her and killing any fleas I found. I have not found any on Lucky in a few days. I seen Friday night Angel has Tape worm, so off to the vet we go, At the vet we had a vet we never seen before in the other 3 times we had been there. She treated me like crap and was talking down to me and saying how I have to treat me house 1st for the fleas not my cats and it was my fault she had tape worm. I was feeling very bad about my self because I love these cats and I am doing everything I can to get them well, these cats are costing me a small fortune in all the meds they need. The cats are being kept in separate rooms for now till they are better, Angel is on more eye meds and they are both on Claromox for another 5 days. I was so frustrated and upset I did not ask the important questions like is it save to use flea powder around the 5-week kitten? A fogger? Should I be doing anything else to make sure we kill all the fleas? Also does will the shot they gave Angel kill the Tapeworm in her tummy? What brand flea powder, is there stuff that says kitten save(I did not see any I looked) Finally the stuff I seen said it was citrus scented I thought I read somewhere that that attracts cats to pee or makes them not want to go in that area? Is either of these correct. Please answer any of the questions you can and I am sorry for how long it is. I already made the next vet appointment and I will make sure my babies never need to see that vet again.

Here is a website I needed to make for school and I used there pics are on there
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Thank you for saving these health compromised kittens. You are right, the one kitten is to young to have anything put on her. The best thing you can do is to buy a fine toothed flea comb. Get a small jar, fill it with warm water, put about 3 drops of DAWN liquid detergent in the water, shake it up, dip the comb, comb the kitten, dunk the fleas in the jar to further kill the fleas.

The rooms where you have carpet, use Diatomeceous Earth powder- sprinkle it liberally on the carpet and around the baseboards. Keep the cats and kittens out of the room for about 3 hours. Let the stuff sit for about 1/2 hour, then vacuum thoroughly. Let the room just sit after you vacuum for another two hours before putting the kittens back in the room. When you sprinkle the stuff, wear a surgical face mask as it is very fine and clouds up easily. Again make sure you vacuum it all away.
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Where do I buy Diatomeceous Earth powder at the pet store?

Thank you
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You can get it at a garden store- or Home Depot, any place that sells a goodly amount of gardening supplies. A little bit goes a long way.
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I just wanted to say what cute little Kitties you have there!! I hope they are feeling better!!! and good luck!
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Bless your heart for taking these two kittens!!! They are adorable! You are an for saving them!
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Originally posted by hissy
The rooms where you have carpet, use Diatomeceous Earth powder- sprinkle it liberally on the carpet and around the baseboards.
I also take a broom and sweep it into the carpet - gets deeper into the fibers where fleas tend to live. This stuff really works great and is worth the effort to get it!
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thank you all, we are working on trying to de-flea our house even thought I dont see any. Back to the vet tonight for check ups, Angels eye looks better but Lucky is still sneezing. Maybe she is just a sneezy cat we will see.
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those are cute kittens! I hope they feel better soon. It is such a shame that they women won't get the cat fixed it is obvoius the poor things aren't healthy.
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When I got Minnie and Jerry at 3 weeks old ( their mother had been killed) I got them from a situation much like you described.
My husband works with a guy who lives on a farm and has alot of neglected animals. They all live in conditions like you describe. Before I had decided I wanted a kittens, I had purchased from this guy two minature pinchers. They both died a couple weeks after we brought them home of some time of bone disease.

After the dogs died I was upset and still lonely for a baby animal. I hadnt had a cat since I was a little kid, so I decided I would get two kittens. My husband told me the same guy had a litter of kittens, I did not want to take them because of what had happened to the dogs. Well he came home a couple nights later and said the mother had been hit by a car. A couple of the kittens had died becuase they were so little and had no one to take care of them. My husband couldnt leave them there, so he brought them home to me. If you all have read my post "to introduce myself" you know what happens next.

My point is they had a variety of things we had to cure along with fleas. My vet always recomendes frontline for all my animals. In this case he gave me a bottle of frontline made especially fo kittens under 6-8 weeks. It costs more, like 35.00 for the bottle. It is not a one spot type thing. You actually spray it on (protecting their eyes and face) and wipe it in. I dont remember all the details becuase it has been a couple years ago now. Maybe someone else has heard of it and can tell you more. I would call the vet and ask him.
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