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What is Debarked

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I was serching yesterday in Petsfinder for chinese crested dogs and come across a rescue site . I love them dogs , they look so cute to me . How ever , one of them dogs I looked at come from a breeder and they think she was suposely one of the females they want to breed and think they have debarked her of that reason . It sounds cruel to me . But what is debarking ??? What are they doing to a poor dog so he/she won't bark any more ????????????????? If it is to cruel to say here , maybe a link will do for me to see what that is . Thanks guys
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It is quite sad actually. Owners have it done on noisy dog. The vets use a punch to go in and take out all the soft tissue around the vocal cords thereby *softening* the barking. The dog can bark, but it sounds like they have permanent laryngitis.
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Hedi, my understanding is that it is along the same lines as declawing is to cats. The procedure involves either surgically removing the voice box or cutting the vocal cords of the dog so they can't make a noise when they bark. A lot of puppy mills debark their dogs, and people who use dogs to guard illegal operations also debark (so the cops can't hear that they have dogs).
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How sad.......

If they wanted a quieter dog maybe they should consider the Basenji.

Its a relatively quiet dog.
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OMG There needs to be a law made against it , just like declawing needs a law that it would be ilegal .
OMG I am so absad now What are they think of next ? If they want a machine then why don't they get one . A machine don't bark or scratch and even don't talk back . Maybe those people need to be declawed and debarked and then they can decite if they want to do that , now that would sound great to me .
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You Go Hedi!

I fully agree that some people should have the same thing done to them to show them compassion.

People make me mad.
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You tell them girl (Feel free to delete if unacceptable).

People can be so cruel.

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