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Deaf Cat.

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Hi- I was trying for ages last night to come onto TCS. I finally made it on this morning.

I'm not really sure, if this thread belongs in the Health or Behavior or maybe even the breeders corner? but I have a few questions.

I have a Orange Eyed White Persian, She has a Brown Tabby father and her mother is a white, there are about 15 white cats in Muffins pedigree, some blue eyed, some odd eyed , some orange eyed.

I have known Muffin since she was two hours old and got her as a present for my birthday from Nana(Nana bred her), We have noticed that she has never came to her name nor does she react to loud sounds.

It wasn't until last night when we clicked and thought maybe she's deaf.

So i'm sitting there, Screaming as loud as I can(coz all the cats are happily eating their food) and all the cats run opposite directions, one even tryed to climb up the wall and muffin sat there didn't even flick an ear.

Is she deaf? or is she just being snobby?

Also if she is deaf, will we be able to breed from her? and if not will we have to keep her inside all her life, for fear of getting hot by a car.

Any help appreciated. Thanks. Sam.
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Sam - it sounds as if she is indeed deaf. You know that I have a deaf cat and I know they make the most wonderful pets. (yeah, I am biased )
Maybe you could verify with the vet to see if she is indeed deaf, just to be sure. If you want her to go outside, then I would suggest that you stay with her at all times, just to be safe. They cannot hear cars, dogs, horrible kids coming at them. Not a nice feeling for them.
Test her when she is sleeping - make some noises while she is asleep and see if she wakes up.
Any pics of this cutie?
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Hi Kellye-

I will have to take her to the vet, Maybe she could just have an ear infection or something? I wont be letting her outside I don't think, and we will probably get her spayed She's got the most precious lines! I will do! and Thanks for the help! Are cats born deaf? or do they go deaf later on?

Sorry about all the questions, I have never had any experience with deaf cats.

Also white cats are more prone to it right?

And maybe it was passed down as well, to the black sister?

Thanks. Sam.

Yup! Here's Taitirohana Legally Blonde -Muffin.

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Awwwww she is so pretty! Has she always been like this? Or is it a recent thing? If its recent, then please do take her to the vet.
I don't know anything about breeding, but I am sure people who breed would know.

Believe me, deaf cats are WONDERFUL - Kahu is lovely, he follows me everywhere, he loves to be petted now (he had never been picked up until he was 4 months old and so he was leery), he copies Peedoodle and what Peedoodle does, its really sweet. He has the sweetest nature, just lovable. Oh and he sleeps good! LOL
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Yeah she's lovely! Thanks btw!

She's always been like this as long as we have had her(since March), I'm going to ring Nana later and see if she can remember anything about her.

Muffin is the most out going cat and not afraid of anything!LOL! Sounds like Kahu is the same!
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Oh yeah, Kahu is fearless - i forgot to mention that
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She's a beauty.

I'm not experienced with deaf cats either. I'm a first time cat owner.

But taking her to the vet would be a good idea to make sure she is or is not deaf.

From what I have read deaf cats are wonderful companions. One just needs to make some modifications but she'll do great.

Also I read (but not certain) that white cats seem to be more prone to being deaf, esp. blue-eyed ones for some reason. And they can be born deaf or develope deafness later on in life - but I am out-on-a-limb here.

I'm not sure if deafness can be passed on to a black sibling or not but the gene can be (I think).

You can make a secured cat run for her outside or a secured porch (Or whatever the Australians call it) so she can enjoy the outsides for a few hours.

Good luck to the vet and keep us informed. *hugs*
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Thanks Greycat-

We would love to make a run or something but we're renting at the moment.

We will have to get her checked out by a vet

Thanks for your help.

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Deaf cats are a trip! They are fearless because they can't hear the *scary noises* we used to trip on Tag and Marbles all the time, because they were underfoot so much. They were also blind. Tag would latch on to our trouser leg, climb on our shoe and ride across the floor with us. Such trippy cats they were, though exposed to distemper while in utero, they didn't live very long. They did teach us so much while they were here though!
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Oh I trip over Kahu ALLLLLLL the time - when he follows me (that is every time I am inside) he follows so closely that I have to be careful where I put my feet so not to step on him. Unfortunately, I have accidently stepped on his feet.
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I have never tripped over Muffin but I sometimes step on my cats toes!

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np Sam.

Good luck at the vets....
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Thanks Grey.

I talked to Nana this afternoon and she said , She probably has Hearing Difficulty and not fully deaf. She has white cats with this before and says it doesn't effect them much
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