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Court Dismisses Claim by Barefoot Man

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Court Dismisses Claim by Barefoot Man

CINCINNATI (AP) - A federal appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit by a man who sued the Columbus Metropolitan Library after he was asked to leave because he was barefoot.

Robert A. Neinast said he regularly goes barefoot, and his constitutional right to get information had been infringed by the policy that he could not use the library without wearing shoes.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed, reaffirming a lower court ruling.

``In this case, as long as Neinast wears shoes, he may receive information in the library,'' Judge Julia S. Gibbons wrote for an unanimous three-judge panel.

Neinast was asked several times between 1997 and 2001 to leave the Columbus library for being barefoot.

Don't you think one should have rights to walk barefoot? I have friends who do and no one in libraries complain.
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almost every place i've been says "no SHOES, no shirt, no service"...it's mostly for safety and health reasons. with the streets the way they are these days, you couldn't pay me enough to walk around barefoot!

so i'd have to say no to walking barefoot in public...the pool is one thing, but not in stores or libraries or anywhere else.

and even if it wasn't posted outside the library, it is common knowledge here in the states that you can't go into a place without shoes of some kind on... just like i know that i can't run around without my shirt on or i'll be asked to leave.

this was a silly lawsuit.
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I think this boils down to liability limitation for the library. Almost guaranteed that if this guy cut his bare feet in the library on anything, he would sue them for negligence for not keeping the floor clean enough for his bare feet.
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I know I don't want to be where people's possiable infected feet have been. I would hate to bring something such as Athelete's foot into my house.

I will stick with no shoes, no shirts, no service
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I have to agree with the court's decision about this one. Walking barefoot around the pool or at the beach is one thing, but elsewhere is another issue. You can't be sure of what is on the ground that's unseen such as bacteria, slithers of unseen glass, fungi, viral particles or even chemicals.
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