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Advice on Feeding Problem

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Hello, I am new here and am looking for some advice I have with one of my cats and a change in his eating habits. My older cat (now 8) has never had a problem with eating. Many years ago he use to eat dry Iams food, however about 4 years ago I switched him from Iams to ProPlan. Over the past several months I have noticed he has lost a lot of weight and was rubbing on your legs more then usual then while in the kitchen. I began to notice he was not eating much at all so I switched back to his Iams. He ate his Iams again for about 2 days, then wanted nothing to do with it. I found a Purina Senior he liked that worked and it worked for a couple days and now wants nothing to do with it. I can get him to eat wet food but really do not fancy him being on a wet food diet 24/7. I brought it up to the vet at his last checkup and he had lost about 3-4 pounds within a year. The vet had mentioned to bring him back in 3 months to get his weight checked and see if he is continuing to lose weight. My concern is he is not eating like he use to and is constnatly rubbing on my legs while in the kitchen. He will eat his treats which are hard/dry but will no longer have anything to do with his regular dry food. Any suggestions? Any ideas on how to get his appetite back?
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My suggestion would be to get him to the vet for a thorough check-up, and not wait any longer. It could pretty much be anything, but it's not a good sign that he's losing weight. Wanting to eat but then not eating to me sounds like teeth problems, did the vet check his teeth properly? Especially as he eats wet food. Have you tried softening up his dry food? Letting it absorb some water, that is.

I'm sure others here will have suggestions, and I'm sure they'll say the same- it's time to go to the vet. I don't understand waiting 3 months when a cat's not eating properly.
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I would also suggest a vet visit, have the vet check the teeth and the tongue, look for rodent ulcers and do blood work.
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