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I was thinking about the song by U2 "One Tree Hill" and I remember seeing the video to it years ago, and at the end was something for someone who died named Greg Carol (sp) - someone told me that he was a roadie for them and he had died and he was from New Zealand. I do know that there is a One Tree Hill in NZ in Auckland - well now it is No Tree Hill because the tree got some disease and had to be cut down.

What can you tell me about the song and if it is true it is dedicated to a kiwi? I know you are the U2 Goddess! Thanks!
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Hi Kellye!

One Tree Hill was indeed dedicated to Greg Carroll and he was in fact a New Zealander. He worked for U2 for 2 years before he was killed in a motorcycle crash in Dublin in 1986

That is one of my favorite songs
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Thanks Sicy!
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It's so sad about One Tree Hill!

It was a great tree!
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Yeah it is Sam - do you know if they will plant a tree in its place? I remember when I was your age, I wondered what kind of tree it was, so my aunt and I went there to find out and learned that it was a totara.
It reminded me of a saying that my old boyfriends father said when his son died "protected in the forest, but the lone tree is vulnerable"
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A number of people had been trying to cut it down. I haven't heard anything about a replacement tree. That's true about what your BF's father used to say!
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Oh I remember all those people trying to cut it down - wasnt that stupid?????? I believe they also tried to ring bark it - to the point that they had to have a guard, if memory serves me correctly.
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I know- Couldn't they just leave the poor tree alone it had enough of it's plate trying to look good!
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OMG, I found this picture

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Oh! That's gorgeous!
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Heeeeyyyyy that picture is so freaking eerie!!! It reminds me of the tree in The Ring (spoooooky).

Kiwi, are you named after that cute wingless bird? or the fruit that can be sometimes bitter and sour and tart and itchy at the same time or sweet and itchy LOL!
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I am named after the people of New Zealand We call ourselves kiwis.

I HATE the fruit But I love the birds
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