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Cat Killer

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Anyone here right now, turn on Peoples Court...this punk killed his g/f's Cat! with a Machete'!!!

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That's ok- There is a "special" place for people like that. He will live out the rest of eternity being tortured over and over again with a machete. Would serve the evil :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: right!!!
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I totally agree with you Chloe!!

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I posted this thread after seeing the preview today, right before the show started.
After watching it I was even madder!

It seems this punk a$$ kid was mad because his girlfriends cat wasn't allowed in the house, by his orders, and it kept slipping into the house anyways.

One day when the cat snuck into the house, the guy got angry, lost it, and went upstairs, got a sword, and decapitated the cat

His defense was that the cats leg was broken and he was putting it out of its misery!!! I was absolutely livid!!!

The judge asked him if there were no vets in his town...no reply.

This is not a criminal court, but I hope someone does something about this guy, he needs to be put away!

He actually stood there laughing while he talked about cutting the poor cats head off!

Okay, I'm too upset to continue, but it was the female Latino Judge...Marilyn something that sounds like Moo-lee-ann...sorry, can't spell it. Watch it if you get a chance, it'll be on again.

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I just wanted to bring this thread back up to the top, and ask if anyone else saw this episode yesterday?

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Cleo....I did not get to see this show, but I was so angry that someone could get by with that!!! I think criminal charges should be brought against him. In my mind what he did is no better than what that man did who threw the lady's dog onto the freeway to be hit, when she had bumped into his car...and he got scentenced to prison for awhile....which he SHOULD have, but so should this man who cut his girlfriends cats head off!!!
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hmp!!! that's so bad
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Don't mean to be a pest, but I wanted to bring this thread back to the top to make it easier to find.

This show will be aired again on Tueday Sept 11, on Peoples Court with Judge Marilyn
ulian (sp)

What really outraged me, other than the heinous act itself, was the lack of remorse by the defendant aka a$$hole who did this, and the fact that he actually stood there and joked about it!
Even though this show was on over a month ago, I can still see this guys smug face!
The other thing that bugged me was thateven though I like this judge, she really (in my opinion) didnt pay much attention to the murder of the poor cat, but only addressed the damage done to the inanimate property!
All that crap can be fixed or replaced, what price do you put on a pet/friend/living soul?

Please watch, I don't know if anything can be done, and I don't mean to start a crusade, but I just cant sit here and act like I don't care either.

I know things like this happen all the time, but so many people will see this show, and maybe that might help?
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Oh how awful,the poor little cat,I wish he could be punished,its so heartbreaking,I agree with everything that has been said on this thread.

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