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I'm a little frustrated

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I went to clean kennels this morning at school and saw the cat that has been hanging out there a lot.She will let us get somewhat close to her,but not pick her up.Well,this morning I saw her as I was pulling up.She was tearing into a bag of trash we had sit out that had dog food in it.I went over to her and she finally let me pet her.I was calling kitty kitty and she as following me.I went into the building and got a pet carrier and put her in it.She acted like she was going to slap me and started clawing at the cage.I took her inside and got her a cage ready.I left her in there and called my teacher and told her I had caught the cat.Before I moved her went out and got all the dogs taken care of.I came back in and moved her into the other cage.As I touched her belly I noticed that she felt like she had been suckeled on.I raised her up and looked and sure enough she has kittens somewhere.I left her there for the time being.I called the girl that was doing the kennels this evening and told her to go ahead and let the cat back out.I told her before she let the mama back out to walk around our barn down there and see if she could hear any meowing.I figured they would be hungry by then and maybe we could find them before they get big and wilder.She said if she didn't hear anything she would take the mama to the barn and see if she could watch where she went and maybe find the babies that way.I haven't talked to her yet to know whether she had any luck in finding the babies.It's kind of frustrating because now the mama cat may not let us get near her again in fear we are gonna cage her back up.We were going to spay her and try to find her a home.I'd say someone has just dumped her off on us because we are a vet tech program.People make me soooo mad.
I just hope we can catch her again so she don't reproduce anymore.Then we are going to try and catch her kittens(if the girl didn't find them)and tame them down.
I just don't know why people think they need to dump their animals off on us.
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I hope you're able to find those kittens. I understand why you are frustrated. Unfortunately people dumping pets happens all too much.
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oh man , people just can be so cruel . I hope you can find the hole fam. and spay mama and tame the kittens and find good homes for them .
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